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Originally Posted by JKfish View Post
Astro, I'd have to disagree. Plants help with water quality, and there are some types that don't need any sort of fertilizer or even gravel (java fern, java moss, anubias, water lettuce, etc.) There is actually a member here (I forgot his name) who has his bettas in heated 2 gallon cookie jars full of java moss and other plants, and he rarely has to do water changes because the plants use the fish waste up before it needs be be converted to anything else.

If you choose the right few plants that suit your aquarium and don't expect anything too fancy from them other than a natural place for your betta to hide, sleep on, or swim near and a way to help keep your water cleaner, you shouldn't be dissappointed
I agree that java moss is one of the easier to care for im simply stateing that it might be too much on someone that this is their first betta ever and first planted tank.

If they had the betta for a couple months before hand and then wanted to try planting his tank, i would say go ahead. But the person has no to little experience with bettas already.
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I know this will probably be a lot of the same info but I'll tell you my successful set up.

Food: I use two different types of betta pellets, flakes and freeze dried blood worms. I usually feed pellets 3 twice a day and a few bloodworms twice a week.

Tank: I have a ten gallon divided in three.

Filter: I would use a hang over back filter but baffle it to avoid the harsh current. There is a great sticky on the forums on how to make this.

Cycle: I didn't cycle my tank and am making 50% water changes once a week.

Lighting: I have 2 25 watt bulbs in my hood.

Plants: I have my tank full of fake plants and it looks great. I really don't want to deal with real plants but if you wanted something easy to start off with I'd try marimo balls. They're essentially moss balls. I'm getting my first ones in a couple days but you just plop them in your tank and thats it. You have to turn them occasionally so they won't brown but they help keep algae down and absorb bad stuff in your water.

I hope you have fun on this journy and post lots of pics :)

Almost forgot heating. When my bettas were in two seperate 1 gallon tanks I was going to put 10 watt heaters in there but Petsmart ran out so I was forced to buy 25 watt. I had to do something because the water was getting to 55 degrees. The heaters worked great and they weren't adjustable but they kept the water at a constant 78. I am now using one of those heaters in my upgraded 10 gallon and it's working fine.
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