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That is food for thought, though.
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Make sure you really know what you are doing before you breed! Make sure you have all the equipment, have done a lot of research, know how to properly care for the fish, and have homes for all the fry!

It's very important to know what you're doing when you breed, you'll have lots of little lives in your hands! In my opinion, creating new lives is a serious thing not to be taken lightly. You're responsible for what happens to all of the fry.

I am not a betta breeder, but breeding is something I would take very seriously if I decided to do it. Good luck to you though, and please take the advice of our more experienced breeders! :)

Edit: When I say homes for the fry, I don't mean letting them rot away on a pet shop shelf! Like actual homes or sell them online :)
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I agree with the research part; about breeding, tail types, genetics, etc. As long as you know what you're after, pet store's are good starters.... so study all the theories. And prepare fry food before you breed.

You're asking about tail type combination; IMO HM x DT may give you nice HM/SdT with long dorsals which you can inbreed to create HM with long dorsals. Or you may get HM/SdT DT genos which again you can inbreed to produce HMDT.

PK's are easier to care for. So you might consider them as your starters. CT are the most difficult and I wouldn't suggest them for beginners. But once you get the hang of it, they're very elegant. Oh try not to cross breed CT to anything (for now), because you will need to select and cull hard.

In terms of color, unless you intend on working with reds, choose solid dark colors because they are easier to predict. Avoid muti colors because their patterns aren't always balanced.
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Hmm, Sayurasem, I would hold off on breeding. You don't even have your males in proper housing yet, so honestly breeding is something you should wait for until you're completely ready, because breeding is a long process full of work, and it takes a toll on even healthy bettas at their best. Besides, think about it, you need a lot of things for the breeding to get done properly and to house potential fry, which you probably don't have.

Give yourself time to get your betta boys what they need first, and give yourself time to research. Here's a good place to start for researching :)
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