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Water Quality Question

I'm planning on starting my betta off at home over winter break with well water that goes through a charcoal filter. I'll be putting in Prime dechlorinater. However, when the next semester starts, he'll be coming to school with me, and I know that the water there is chlorinated and who knows what else. So, my question is, should I run the school water through my Brita pitcher before I use it for the tank, boil it, or just stick with the dechlorinater?
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Brita uses a system called ion exchange to clean the water. This can actually make the water more toxic for a fish.

Boiling kills off bacteria but doesn't do a lot for the chemicals in the water.

Just stick with the Prime. However if you have access to tap water at home use that. Or bring some well water with you when you go back to school. You'll need to slowly acclimate your Betta to the school water over the course of a day or three.

You should also test your house water and your school water for pH, hardness and other chemicals so you know how similar or different they are. The more different the longer you'll need to spend acclimating.
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So, to acclimate with water brought from home, would I maybe put in 50/50 school water and well water for each water change until the water was all school water? Ooh, and while I remember, do 2 50% water changes a week and a 100% water change every two weeks sound right for an uncycled, unplanted, filtered 2.5 gallon? Or should I do more like 20% every day?

Ah, the water test kit is on the list of things I really really need to get. I didn't see any at Petco. Do you have to order them online somewhere?
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