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floating on his side...

UGH! now he is laying on his side.
He has rapid gill movements, looks like he is always panting.
Now this. I'm keeping his water warm at 80 degrees, I've been changing the water everyday with a teaspoon of epsom salt per gallon. I got him 5 days ago from Petco. I went to Petco today to just look around, and it seems like all their bettas either have ammonia burns, black stuff on them, laying on their side, or severe fin rot. erg.

What can I do about this? He isn't constipated, his poops look just like my healthy (knocks on wood) betta's poop.

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Lower the water in his tank, that should help him reach the surface easier and wont be to stressful on him.
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You can increase the Epsom salt to 2tsp/gal along with the daily water changes, I would also cover the top of the QT container with plastic veggie wrap to maintain a warm/humid environment.....I would do a full 10 days treatment...sometimes they get over this and other times they don't especially if this is related to deformed swim bladder or labyrinth organ from poor husbandry, breeding, genetic etc at the breeders....sometimes it can be kinda like a cold of sorts from too cool/dry air...seem to hear about this type of problem more this time of year.....
You may have to repeat the treatment a couple of times over a month or two...10 days on 5 days off-10 days on etc.......

If you have IAL or dried Oak leaf this is good to add as well for the tannins-I like to keep a jug of pre-mix Epsom salt water handy all the time with my oak leaf steeping in it.
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