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Old 12-04-2010, 09:13 PM   #11 
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Lol, mold isn't a huge concern on my part unless it's taking over the tank... when I was cycling my sorority, due to a lack of useable fish or shrimp, I had to use fish food. The first day I was stupid and just dropped it in instead of putting it in a sandwhich baggie with holes punched in it. Needless to say the food sunk and made it's way to the gravel. Three days later... INSTA-MOLD-CARPET!!! XD It was... unplesant having to do a 90% water change, trying to get all the mold out without stirring up the gravel, seeing as when I stir up the gravel the fluorite underneath it sends a cloud of sediments to make the whole tank cloudy for a day or two.
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but what a pretty carpet is must've been! XD It would've looked like a freak snow day in there! XD <3

What is it about cycling that makes the best of us accident-prone? XD
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Old 12-06-2010, 12:02 AM   #13 
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lol!! Eeeuuuww, I bet it was gross!!!
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Old 12-08-2010, 01:09 AM   #14 
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Alright so I'd give you readings but over the past 2 days (didn't get to go to the store today. e_e) the piece of fish turned into a white mold ball.

Also the brand new sponges I put in there turned blue from the (what used to be) black panty-hose dye.

So since there was still a considerable amount of dye in there and I just had a bad mold outbreak I decided to tear it down again.

You know what I think I'm gonna do?

I'm just gonna go ahead and buy the butt load of plants.

I was gonna wait till after exams or Christmas but I'm gonna order them now so that they'll be here by the end of the week or early next week.

I already have the money in my Paypal so I should be fine there.

I'll probably get Wisteria or Water Sprite, Anacharis or Hornwort, and Anubias coffeefolia. I might also look around for some floating plants. Like redroot floater (WANT IT BAD) or water lettuce.

I'll order one set of everything (except 2 of the anubias and maybe another wisteria) because one set (usually 4-5 stems) sounds like it'd be enough for now.

I'd put any leftovers in the 2 gallon. =]

I've already got a 10 watt plant bulb and fertilizer anyway. :P I need a better light for the 2 gallon but it wont be used for a while anyway. I'm still thinking about this though.

Well it's late and I'm tired so I'm going to bed. Night y'all! =]
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I think it would be best to get some Seachem Purigen. It will go to work on that dye so you won't have to worry about it anymore. A big plus with Purigen is that you can recharge it and use it over and over, unlike regular carbon.

If your cartridges had carbon in them, it's probably shot now, so if you want to just get some new carbon, Seachem Matrix is what I use and it is quite effective. In the future, use a plastic baggie with some holes in it, or you can use the fabric tea bags--they work wonderfully. Alternatively, you can do it the vegan way and use pure ammonia. I prefer this method, because you can precisely measure out just how much ammonia is going in, so your TSS bacteria won't be killed off by unpredictable spikes. And I dunno, the pure ammonia method just makes so much more sense to me--no mess, no waiting for anything to rot, and you have much more control over it.

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Yeah I already emptied my tank. =[ The plus isde is that I scrubbed it down with hot water and vinegar so I think the dye should be gone now. =]

If I had access to pure ammonia I'd go for it but there's nowhere to buy it from that I can reasonably get to(or at least not that I know of). =[

I'm thinking of trying to use the fish method again with a plastic bag but I have no idea how long that will take and I only have a week or so before I go home.

I plan to plant my tanks anyway so I figure why not just get it over with?

I actually still have one carbon filter pack left I believe. I may be wrong though. :P If I still have one left I'll use that one. =] When it runs out I'll probably just buy a bunch of activated carbon and refill it. XD

Oh! I just googled it! XD It's bio media! =] I still have a decent sized clean sponge left that I just put in my filter but every time I'm at the store I see bio-media that's similar to Seachem Matrix and I'm always tempted to buy it! =] This is great incentive for me to do so but I think I'll wait till after I have some Christmas Cash to spend. =]

Anyways I'll update when I have purchased the plants. =]
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