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Thanks, doing the natural method both indoor and out has netted me some really nice-strong-healthy Bettas that tend to be more tolerant to things like water temp, swings and each other-I have had less problems related to illness, deformities and the like with nature doing the culling for me and to the point that I can't keep up with demand of my unique little quality-I don't show fish and no longer involved in the IBC....if you want show fish and get involved in that aspect of Betta keeping then you want to join the IBC and get a mentor along with top quality lines so you know what you will end up with when you spawn...but I found that I sell more to people that want a healthy pet with no interest in showing-however, I think the IBC and showing is also a neat aspect of the hobby that will give you lot of joy and the feeling of accomplishment from nothing wrong with either is all in what you want and what you like...every ones "Ideal" fish is different on a personal level, however, with IBC you have standards-some folks that are more IBC oriented frown on my methods and feel that it weaken the species...not sure how-they either meet standard or they don't...its not like I am making two headed I am not adding to over population any more than any other person that breeds...all of mine do get sold or given away....

Same as is the keeping and have to find out what works for you in regards to what you have at hand, location and your goal..with this species of fish I have found to be one of the easier to care for and can be neglected in small containers just as they can be in a larger just may take longer for it to happen......

Rambling am in Oklahoma and we can get some crazy weather...we have a saying here..."If you don't like the weather wait a minute"..laffs.....
I am a retired person so I have lots of time on my hands and due to my background I enjoy conducting experiments and do lots of them...not truly scientific based...but hobbyist based along with years of experience in the hobby itself-plus being a naturalist I employ more natural methods with keeping, breeding, feeding and treating when the needs arise with good success...above all...I have fun and that is what this hobby like many hobbies should be....Fun......however, since we are dealing with live creatures you do have to be responsible and respectful of the animals under your care.....understanding that death, dying and culling are involved especially with the breeding aspect.....
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Oh wow :) I so agree with you!

I am more naturalist too. It does stink sometimes when the process of natural selection kicks in. I just lost my biggest spider, she had always been sickly though and lasted a good many more years in captivity than she would have ever had she been born in the wild.

With my aquariums I attempt to approach things as if to replicate, as closely as possible, the natural habitat and I find that, when I am successful, it is a winning achievement. It was the natural habitat of the betta that lead me to first attempt them outside. Here it is even commonly recommended to even add them to community aquariums (that would have strong filtration & etc) at more knowledgeable fish stores. They were amazed at my stories of no losses in container ponds and tried to argue that mosquito fish or rosy reds would be better suited.

Personally, I have no interest in showing and you make a good point about most going into the pet industry. I also definitely understand being frowned upon by purists, with the tarantulas I have successfully kept communal tanks that others frown on.

I definitely believe I will attempt breeding, I need to get a couple more females that I like :) The overwintering tank for my water hyacinth and water lettuce should serve nicely as an overwintering tank for them too I would think.

So what is the minimum amount of space that you have successfully kept two males together in? Logic dictates that it is possible given that the flooded fields would be connected. I don't know that I am ready to attempt that but I am most definitely curious!
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I have been successfully keeping mixed sexed Bettas in tanks as small as 20g for a year and going into 3 years in my 55g and 75g tank, however, I keep NPT or soil based that are massive planted and I mean massive plants-90-95% of the floor in plants with lots of tall plants that break the line of sight, however, at feeding time they feed together and I have zero torn/ripped/nipped fins-the older males have always been kept together from day of spawn to today unless they are removed to spawn-at first I had trouble adding them back after spawning but for whatever reason that is not an issue and they have tolerated younger males that I added this summer-right now I have about 25 males that range from 2.5 years to 3mo of age-I added one of the unrelated male that I got from a breeder and I did not have any fighting but his heavy fins caused him to have trouble so I had to remove him because he was struggling-but so far he is doing well in a 20g with mixed sexed Bettas that range from 2mo to 6-7 months...this has surprised me personally...I really thought I would have problems with him since he is fairly his brother will not tolerate any other Bettas unless he is spawning and then he is a pretty aggressive guy then too-but I have pretty aggressive girls so it evens would never try this will 100% unrelated grown males however-they are Bettas after all and will fight even in a large heavy planted tank

I do have spawning going on all the time but no live fry and I don't expect any either due to the guppies and filtration in the tank-I have been getting nest and spawns in the 20g but with all the other Betta no fry and not filtration to worry about...I look at it like a nice high protein diet for them....and I kinda want to know who the female is too-I try to keep good records of the spawns.

Over the years I have changed a lot in the way I spawn and how I care for the spawns-I have found that they are a lot tougher than you think and sometimes too much intervention can cause more harm than good especially when it comes to water changes and feeding the fry-since I changed the way I did things I haven't had any fallers, belly sliders, swim bladder problems and I get better, faster growth-sometimes I get more fry than I really like to get-I like small survival rate in the 30-50 range-so much easier to work with smaller numbers.......they are aggressive but not so aggressive that they are trying to kill each other and still easy, willing to works for me but I also have different type of setup than most people have-this wouldn't work in the standard bare bottom half full tank-that is also a great method that I did for years-a lot more work and then cupping/jarring 50-80 males with daily to every other day 100% water changes just took all the fun out of it, not to mention the health problems that would pop up from too sterile environment-kill the good bacteria along with the bad and it can all end up an learn I guess...not that there is anything wrong with the standard methods-they are good methods too...just not for me anymore.....

Personally I don't like to compare the man made Betta with their wild cousin habitat, although they may be the same fish in reality- the man made Betta has never seen those water and they wouldn't survive in reality due to the long fins anyway,,,their native habitat is the home aquarium IMO...but that is jut

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