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Exclamation Betta floats at the surface

I've had my Betta for about 4 months now. I have recently (about two weeks) been treating him for fin rot with aquarium salt I used Melafix for a couple days but then heard some stuff that it was bad for the fish and was advised not to use it. His tail doesn't seem to be getting worse.

Now here's, another problem that I've noticed for about a week or so now. My fish stays at the top of the water and when he gets startled he seems uncordinated when he swims and goes upside down and stuff, some time just tilts a little on his side. I also noticed that he can't seem to stay at the bottom of his tank and just floats back up without trying. He also has not been eating for the past three weeks. He is still alive. He kinda runs himself into the side of his cup when I take him out for cleaning but I think that's becaause he's startled.

He is in a 2.5gal jar and I use aquasafe and aquarium salt to treat the water. It is a heated tank and it kepy at 73 F. Its a pre set heater because I do not have enough money for a better one right now. I have tried feeding him freeze dried bloodworms and pellets. Have also tried the garlic juice thing. He has no plants and I clean his tank daily because he is sick. There is no filter system.

I don't really know what to do with a fish that is not able to swim to the bottom. Help? Let me know if you need anymore info. He also has blue "strips" on the side of his face on bith sides and they look exactly the same so I don't know if these are marking or something else because they are symetrical. He had thin blue lines on his face when I bought him.
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It sounds like swim bladder disorder. Bettas can get it when they are stressed or for a number of other reasons. When you do water changes make sure you warm the water up to the tank temperature. Stop the salt on the 10th day of treatment.

I would say try some epsom salt baths for a few days but it sounds like you just finished or are still treating with salt so I don't know if you can again. Wait for someone more experienced in fishy matters to give an opinion, like OldFishLady.
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If he is having buoyancy problems I would switch to Epsom salt 1tsp/gal along with 100% water changes daily...on day 3 I would increase the Epsom salt to 2tsp/gal if he has not improved...does he look bloated or just not eating and buoyancy may also want to cover the top with plastic veggie wrap to help keep the air above the water warm and humid for the labyrinth organ

Don't offer any food (he not eating anyway) for 4 days and then offer small amount if he has improved in regards to the buoyancy issue-if you have frozen or live foods I would try them......even a piece of frozen shrimp will work if you don't have frozen fish food

Adding tannins will also help-IAL, Oak leaf, blackwater extract, decaf green tea in a pinch

Pre-mix one of the tannins in a 1gal jug along with the Epsom salt and dechlorinater (if normally used)-let the tannins steep for and hour and use this treatment water for 100% water changes each day.

Keep us posted....
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floating, markings, sick

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