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Old 12-27-2010, 11:50 PM   #21 
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I second monroe, just bought the 14G tank yesterday. Its a glass tank. Its got a good filter [though not that great a bio, so i've stuffed some sponge in the bioFilter], a 50W adjustable heater and a not that great thermometer strip. All this for 40 bucks+ tax was a pretty good deal. its actual price is 90$
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GO FOR THE 10!!!!!!!!!!

Go big first then you don't have to go big later! XD That way you can split it in two and each of your boys will still have 5 gallons to himself. =]

Plus 10 gallons are easier to decorate/plant/aquascape.

Or you could have 1 betta and a few community fish.

Or you could have a 5 girl sorority!

There are so many more options for a 10 gallon! :D If you can I'd get it! =]
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I go to craigslist too.
Over the summer I got a 10 gallon with hood, light, substrate, and filter for $30.
I bought my 5 gallon myself for about the same price, and right now I just found a 5gal marineland Hex for $20.
It comes with the whole shebang.
Also the large/extra large kritter keepers are cheap and there's a great deal on the right now:

Medium is about 3/4 gallons, large is about 6/7 gallong, Xlarge is about 10 if I remember correctly.
Great tanks when you add substrate and heat.
Naturally planted Kritter Keepers wouldn't need a filter either, or very many water changes.

(YOU DON'T GET TO CHOOSE THE COLOR OF THE LID but i don't care much about that so i didn't mind)

This is a 5 star review by a betta keeper:

Kritter Keepers Are Great

By Tab from Mount Pleasant, PA
On September 8, 2009:
Love the kritter keepers. They're great for my bettas who are much happier in their own homes rather than sharing a divided 10 gallon!

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Location: Tennessee
Does anyone think this is a good idea?
or on amazon for cheaper from more reliable sources (imo)

It's apparently 4 gallons (from what i just entered into a tank calculator).
Does it look stable enough?? My sister says they tip over easy...
It might be a good option if you're looking for a tank that will be more vertical that horizontal to give you more table/shelf space.
As long as you figure out how to keep it from tipping over.

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I got a glass marineland biowheel 10 gallon kit for $45. This petsmart sale that people are talking about sounds better, though. You should go for that!
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