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Originally Posted by nunuchan View Post
Check your Petsmarts again. I've been eyeing an Aqueon 10G tank that comes with a filter and a hood for $19.99.
i was just there and thier sets were $50... sucks being in canada

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Originally Posted by crezelda View Post
hmm so i got my water tested, you guys told me to get it written down, but it was colour thingies. they didnt test ammonia but the nitrates/nitrites? were fine, but my PH was high. bleh luckally i read another thread saying theyre hardy for the PH. I just hope my clam will be okay, i've been feeding just a teeny smidgeon extra so the clam gets leftovers, but i'll see what else i can do. I splurged and got one of those stupid leaf hammocks, but he still likes to sleep against the heater ( hey i used to do that as a kid to, have a blanket trap the air duct heat and snuggle up..was nice)

any cheap treats bettas like? im very poor, but if it's cheap i like to get a little something extra

I'd urge you to buy a test kit and test your ammonia, if your LFS doesn't test it for you. I'd be a lot less concerned about a high PH (mine is very high), as fish get used to it. They don't get used to high ammonia or nitrites -- they just die

Not sure what they meant when they told you nitrites and notrates were 'OK'. Nitrites (like ammonia) should be zero. Nitrates could be upto 20PPM. If anything's over that, then do 50% water changes, at least every second day...

Good luck!


PS -- not sure about how to look after clams. How do you feed them?
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