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once i house a community planted tank with a few types of females -1 Crowntail female, 3 halfmoon female, 2 double tail female, 3 wild betta imbellis female, and a small pleco. all seems to get along very well, although the crowntail female can get quite aggressive sometime. They have tons of personality and will get me staring at the tank for hours everyday. in my opinion, females can be equally interesting to keep as males !!
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small fry
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I'm convinced! A sorority is on my 2011 to-do list.
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I keep Lulu alone in a 2.5 gallon. I'm also planning a sorority but I don't think I'll have her in there just because she's been alone for so long and she's VERY happy. I once had the opposite of one female in a large 15g tank all alone, and when I introduced new females she practically ripped them apart. The girls have a more bubbly personality, you have to be careful with sororities but they're SO worth it!
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small fry
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Question Setting-up a sorority?

What kind of filter would I use? Could I just use 2 or 3 of my Tetra 1-3g filters for aireation? They are too powerful for my 1.5g tanks. Walmart has empty 10g tanks for $13.

Do I have to have a hood? They are abit expensive. It would be in my bedroom where I use absolutely NO airborn chemicals whatsoever. Would they jump out? That would be the only reason I would need a hood.

How many do I need to add at once? I don't want a betta to claim the tank.

Maybe I could get started this week.
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I'd get a whole kit for $40 that comes with tank, filter and hood. It'll be worth it considering hoods themselves cost $30, sometimes more.

I have a 10 gallon with 5 females, had 7, but 2 became sick and died :( I added them all at once. Some say add them 15 minutes apart, but I figured they were in the cups with each other and could see each other, so they might as well just be together. Now some may not agree with me here, but when I put all my girls in I watched them for a minute, then turned the lights off and didn't look at them until the morning. If you're like me and love your girls, you're going to get stressed seeing them fight and sort out the pecking order and seeing ripped fins. But its best to just not let it get to you, and to let them sort it out.

Also make sure you make the tank HEAVILY planted with lots of caves. The girls love it like that, and it really does decrease the aggression when one girl decides to go on a rampage, and the others can hide. Good luck!
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small fry
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Location: East Texas
Well, the kit cost $40, but I don't have that much to spend right now. And another sad thing is that the kit doesn't come with a heater. Maybe later when I could afford it. Would that Aqua-Tech 5-15g power filter that comes with the Aqua-Culture kit be too much for the bettas?

I might set something like that up this spring. I have my goals set way too high! Apart from trying to find and breed AB HMPK, I am actively setting up 1 55g tank, and i might set the other one up (55g) between now and fall of next year.
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