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I think I'm being played...

So my new crowntail, Xander, came home friday. He was hiding in his cave most of the time and, in an attempt to get him to come out so I could show my mom, I put a couple of brine shrimp in his tank. He voraciously devoured them. The next day I tried to give him betta pellets (Omega-One) but he would have nothing to do with them. Same for sunday and today - he won't touch his pellets. I of coursed removed them once he ignored them.

So today I got a bit worried that he had no appetite so I threw a shrimp in to see if he would show any interest in that. Of course, he devoured it like there was no tomorrow.

Am I being played? Has Xander just decided that he doesn't like betta pellets and is now holding out for shrimp?

I figured I'd stop giving him shrimp and only offer the pellets and he'll eat when he gets hungry enough - it's what we did with my dog when she didn't want dog food anymore and just begged from the table. Will it work with my betta?
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Try feeding pellets soaked in garlic, they taste better. Or you could try offering him all shrimp, and then slowly switch to more pellets until it is all pellets.
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bettas can actually a while without food, healthy bettas technically about a month (don't try that though). Soak your pellets in garlic, and offer them to him. Eventually he'll start taking pellets, though it could possibly take a bit.
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Try cutting the shrimp into tiny pieces and mix it with pellets.
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When I got Drax he ate flakes...

Now that I've gotten him on Pellets and FDBloodWorms...

I'l jokingly drop a flake in there and he just pushes it away (Then I have to fish it out before it sinks)

So he's tasted Brine Shrimp... he probably doesn't want anything else now XD
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