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Here's my rant regarding this topic.

Sister got a betta a little over a year ago. I took care of his small bowl until my brother cleaned out a 10 gallon and set it up. Well nice a 10 gallon right? Nope. Poor guy hasn't gotten 1 water change since then and has fin rot...still happy as can be but there's another problem...they want to put "friends" in the tank....this fish is too agressive. He flares at everything and attacks too. He dosen't have a heater even though they have an extra 75 watt laying around.If the fish dies...too bad but if the power goes out he needs to rush down the road (literally) to my house to get our power generator for his (excuse this saltwater fish lovers) stupid saltwater tank. And everytime I mention something about it they go "too bad, we don't tell you how to take care of your fish" um ya they do and then it's "all your fish die anyway".....99.9% of my fish deaths have been caused by them when I was out of town. My mom actually agrees that he's their fish and I shouldn't say anything! But when I see him next I'm going to check him...I'll have a plastic cup, some bags, and a shipping box with me incase I need to take him home with me. I will not let them kill him. Also my brother thanks he knows everything because he works on the big filters at the aquarium here....

Here's his philosophy on dirty water:
Fish get used to dirty water. The water gets dirty so slowly the fish slowly adjust to the conditions.

*major facepalm* I do 90%-100% water changes on my tanks, jars, and cups...EVERY SINGLE DAY.

The only thing we agree on is:

You can never have too much filtration.
But filtration dosen't replace water changes....IMO it gets in the way when you have as many bettas as I do.

He calls me a know it all because I'm an IBC member and he thinks bettas are "beginner fish". Even his friend said "How do you kill a betta?" Oh I don't know, dirty water, overfeeding, cold water etc.

...Rant of the day.
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she really needs to feed him less also you said it was most likely tropical fish food she was feeding him I have a female betta who eats tropical fish flakes
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Yeah, it IS their fish but you can't help but be concerned because you're a caring person. What's the point of having fish if it's "just a fish" and you really don't care if they live or die? It seems that people don't know that fish need clean water, need to be fed and that they poop and therefor need their homes cleaned regularly. That's MY rant. lol
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