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I was thinking about moving my Beta to my 75G community. In my community, I have 4 platys, 15 rummynose tetras, 6 silver dollars (only about 2" at this time), 3 clown loaches, and 1 Pleco.
The only problem is how much they will eat. They are only supposed to eat a VERY little bit as their stomachs are about the size of their eye. Eating more will get them sick. How can you avoid this?
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Originally Posted by crowntail lover View Post
Bettas need some type of a pellet diet. But they LOVE live foods and frozen foods for a treat
or Freeze dried... I've read nothing but people's fish getting sick from tainted live food. Like cases of Dropsy. So I don't plan on chancing it.
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Freeze dried tend to cause constipation. The frozen ones (from my experience) are much healthier, safer, and better.
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I have had no probs with freeze dried bloodworms. I just pre-soak them in another container before feeding. As for feeding the betta in a large tank, You can "train" your betta to get its food from one side of the tank while you feed the other fish on the other side.
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Originally Posted by Alex09 View Post
I have had no probs with freeze dried bloodworms. I just pre-soak them in another container before feeding..
Same here.
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I would get a female. I have a female yellow dragon veiltail with my pet cory catfish. If one of my males ever sees it they start flaring at it. And I have seen a male in a tank with a few other fish on display at my local fish store and it flared at the other fish and it had a guppy that had torn fins caused by him.
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My tank consists of 3 platies (1 male), 3 mollies (1 sailfin male), 4 male guppies, and 2 anglefish.
Ive been told that the angelfish grow to be 7 inches which would be too big for my tank so they might be leaving when they get too big.
When thinking long term for your sister's tank (if you decide to give them to her) a good "rule of thumb" for angelfish is 15 gallons per fish (56L per angelfish).

I've kept angelfish with a betta before. The angelfish were usually so busy establishing dominace (pecking order) amongst themselves, so they really didn't interact with the betta.

They need their own kind of food too don't they, or can they tank tropical flakes?
Bettas are piggies! They will eat the flake food if given the chance, but it's not very healthy for them. I put a mirror in the tank to distract him while feeding the other fish :)
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My male betta resided in his 5 gallon solo til 3 ghost shrimp were introduced. He tormented them and killed em all. Now the same betta in a 14 has 6 ghost shrimp and he don't bother them one bit. I guess he just needed elbow room.

Far as feeding, mine adjusted I guess for the better in terms of variety in his diet due to competition. He never touched freeze dried brine or flakes as he focused on blood worms and Hikari pellets when he was residing solo in his 5. Presently in his new digs as he shares community space with Ghost shrimp and 3 platy's, he devours anything and everything including the brine shrimp and flakes. I guess those 3 platy's made him less picky about food due to competition.
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