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if your house gets cold in the winter you should get a portable heater they cost around 30 dollars
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Good news! A Freecycler responded to my request and gave me a complete 10-gallon hooded, lit aquarium with some accessories and a sandstone rock.
My house is cold during the winter and fortunately the aquarium included two heaters and three thermometers. I would like to get an appropriate pump and I read the thread about how to baffle it to minimize the flow.
I think I'm going to go with gravel, rocks and silk plants and some rocks that I found in my rock collection. (One looks like a miniature car). If it fits, the tank will be situated on a small baker's rack that I already have.
Once I get it set up with the basics and I know it's a for sure thing, I'll go shopping for a fish. I've sure seen some beauties on this site!
Thanks again for everyone's the help and advice thus far! When I come up for air, I'll surely have hundreds of questions.

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Yay! gonna be some lucky little guys (or girls)!
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Originally Posted by chargers505 View Post
fflores, are you sure that's a one gallon tank? That looks like a .5 gallon tank to me. My brother has a very similar tank and his is .5 gallon.

Its a 6x6x6 tank (water volume).... that comes out to 216 cubic inches of water... there are 231 cubic inches in a gallon... its .93 gallons.

I got tired of doing water changes at work, so i have sushi in a 2.5 gal tank now. I will be using my old tank for a hospital tank once i have my divided tank running and ready for fishes.
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Originally Posted by HayrideHaunter View Post
oh wow...I didnt realize how small a one-gal looks...
lol... I got my 10 gal tank after having Leroy in a little bowl for a few days. I thought WOW, that's big! Now, it's looking small! I guess it's after putting plants, ornaments, etc. in it...... then you start wanting/needing something bigger to house all of your gifts to your fish! I'm afraid of the size of tank I'll eventuallyl end up with! Do they make 10,000gal tanks for the home? I hope not!
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They do make larger tanks.. it's called a swimming pool. :) Now have fun convincing your significant other that you want to build or re-purpose the pool to a giant fish tank.
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