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Food War, Stage II

My betta Dorado is now a cory catfish. He shoals with them, digs through the gravel with them and generally hovers with them. Why? Because he has realized that the cories get MORE FOOD than he does. I was feeding the cories after lights out but Dory has caught on, and he too is nocturnal now. How do I know? Because last night, I had to turn the light on in the middle of the night and there was Dory, wolfing down the last of the cories' wafer. Which explains why he looked like he swallowed a marble in the morning and is now being fasted (you should see the faces he makes: "But I'm...sooo weak...with...hunger *puppy eyes* Pleeeeeaaase?)

So anyway, my question is, has anyone ever tried taping a plastic box (2.4L) with little holes in the lid to the side of their tank and putting their betta in it for about an hour? This is probably going to be my next move, but I want to check that there won't be any ammonia poisoning or anything like that. So, anybody done this or have an alternate idea?
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You mean you want to put him in there so he won't eat the cory's food?
I don't think there would be any harm in trying that, as long as there isn't a way he could get stuck or jump out of the tank.
For ammonia, just clean the water in it daily.

I forgot to say, that is a funny story, but it's probably annoying too.
Is your avatar Dorado? He's cute!
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Yep, that's Dorado. And yes, I want to keep him eating his betta food and stop him from eating the cories' food. I forgot to say, he'd only be in there for an hour. Hour and a half tops. I wouldn't keep him in there forever or anything. Thanks for the feedback BlueHaven! Operation: Solitary Confinement will commence tomorrow!
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You dropping sinkers right after lights out? It's gonna take a betta a hour or so to get his metabolism down for him to relax and not take notice. Dropping a sinker food soon as you turn off the lights (which it sounded like you were doing)....may as well just keep the lights on then.

Once the lights are turned off give it a hour or two before dropping food sinkers.
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Nope, I was dropping it an hour and a half-ish after lights out. Figured he needed some time to get to sleep. It worked at home, but now I'm in a dorm, and I'm wondering if the light from the hallway coming in around the door and the streetlight coming in around the shade is screwing up his sleep schedule. It's kind of screwing up mine! At home, when I turn out the lights, there is no light, from anywhere. So, I'll be getting more shades for the window and I'm thinking about sticking a towel at the bottom of the door. Not sure about the sides of the door, though. I'll try him in the box until I can get the shades on the weekend and then, I'll try him again with the lights out procedure. I can't let him gorge like that. He's obviously bloated and uncomfortable and I don't want him getting SBD.
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A lot of people put their bettas in breeding boxes for a short time so they won't eat their tankmates' food.
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