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Feed him a little bit of daphnia. It'll help clear him out and his SBD will go down, and he should eat it since daphnia is basically a Betta treat.

I think you're Betta's color may be changing because he's a marble Betta (a Betta that changes color).
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:3 Ohhhh! Thank you so much!

'daphnia'? I'll pick some of that up when i go to the pet store tomorrow or saturday. I'll keep you guys updated, I really hope this works .____.
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I still don't have that daphnia stuff yet, but I'm looking at him and whatever is going on with him seems like he's doing worst. Each time he 'rests' he goes completely horizontal, it looks like he's dead but he's totally alive and struggling to swim. He's not breathing heavily or anything, I'm pretty sure it is SBD, but what if i'm wrong? I'm supposed to do a 100% water change tomorrow, what else could it be?


ahaha, nvm it's totally SBD, I looked at some videos of bettas who have it and they're doing exactly what poor Pixel is doin. This is day one and a half for his fasting.

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Originally Posted by ohstephyy View Post
So, it's been a couple months since Fredward passed away.... Since then I've been feeling a little empty and decided it was time to move on.

I was skeptical buying a fish from the same store that I bought Fredward at, but when I saw this little guy I knew I just had to have him. I spotted him, a creamy deep blue color, and even though he was twice as small as the fish in the jar next to him, he was flaring at him and puffing out his fins like he was a tough guy. That's what made me bring him home and name him Pixel (because of his tiny size)

I set up the tank (2.5 gal) and turned on the heater before putting him in his new home. He seemed okay, kinda pissed off that I was moving him and put him into his new area. He went around, looking at his new crib. I re furnished the tank after Fredward passed (replacing the rocks into black sand and replacing 90% of the fake plants to real ones -four of them still bulbs-) Anyways, he was veery shy, not eating ANYTHING I gave him (which scared me so much, he didn't eat the pellets I had left over from fred) but after picking up some dried bloodworms, he literally attacks them before he eats them. He even grew in size a tiny bit!

(here's a few pics of him :3 he is super pretty:

Anyways, on to the weird part. He makes normal bubble nests, after not making any for weeks (he was sooo small when I bought him that I thought maybe it was possible that he was still a baby, or he was just stressed about the move) so I think he's enjoying himself, but what worried me is ever since I bought him he NEVER has flared. Not once. Not at his reflexion, not at me. I know his gills work because I see him like 'burp' and both gills flexed out, but he hasn't flared at me once. It's freaking me out, could he be depressed? I've had him for a month and a week or so.... And i've never seen him flare other than when he was at the pet shop. Now, weirder things are happening (or am I just paranoid?) when he used to swim, he did it fluidly.... Now, he swims and then when he stops, his fins quiver eerily fast and if he rests on something he does so on a slant? His fins move so quick it seems like he's waving at me frantically, not like before his fins would move in a fluid calm motion, now he just seems frantic. Could he have swim bladder disease? Sometimes when he 'rests' his whole body goes almost vertically. This is scaring me, the whole not flaring and swimming awkward is freaking me out, I don't want to lose another fishy pass so close to losing my first one. Can someone help me out please?

Tank specs:
size: 2.5 gal
heated: at 78 degrees
Filter: Not at the moment (need to get new filters)
Meds: Just the basic dechlorinator
Food: TopFin freeze dried bloodworms (also, is feeding him this stuff every day bad for him?)
Tank change: First week: 100% on Saturdays
Second week: 50% on wednesdays
Third week: 100% on saturday
Forth week: 50% wednesday
my fish is doing this right now !!
i hope he stops too it's freaking me out :(
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