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Originally Posted by Lion Mom View Post
See, this is the mistake people - especially young people - make. YOU care about the animal - WalMart (and places like them) only care about the money!! With that in mind, they would NEVER do something like putting each betta in a bigger "tank" - it would cut into their profit margin.

The ONLY solution, IMO, is to not purchase bettas (or ANY fish/livestock for that matter) from places that don't take proper care of their animals.

If they aren't selling, they aren't making money and eventually they will have to shut the doors (smaller shops) or stop carrying the item/s that are not selling.
I agree with you Lion mom, and realize the same thing you do about what drives these businesses. (I'm actually one of the older people on this site, lol- You quoted my last post.) I was just thinking of ways that these fish could potentially live happier lives, but like I said it will probably never happen. (Unless it's a privately owned pet store.) I hope that in the future more awareness of advertising and the way businesses run can reach younger people. (That would be a great thing, not only for the saving of betta fish.)
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Originally Posted by JD3P View Post
They should have a certain amount of larger "tanks" setup for each fish, rather than putting them in a cup. When it comes time to sell them they can put them in a bag just like they do with the other fish. That way they can keep their tanks and the bettas will have swimming room. I doubt this will ever happen.
The reason this will probably never happen is because with the other fish, you can keep more than one in a tank, whereas with bettas, that's not possible. Well, it is, but it results in a lot more dead fish than if they were kept in separate cups. Putting them in larger tanks, all separated, would results in loss of money due to filters, heaters, lights, etc, using electricity and the water costs, etc. Unfortunately for Wal-Mart, they care more about a profit than about the fish. Plain and simple.
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Ive had 4 betta's in my life, my first one was from walmart and he lived 2 years. My 2nd and 3rd were bought from the pet store and had an unknown disease and both died at the same time (roughly 2 weeks after bringing them home... this is when I took the manager aside.) So really it all depends on who's working because I got my latest betta from the pet store and hes doing great!
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I agree that the cup size is acceptable. The problem is, the cup is never full. It is half full at best, and the fish certainly don't have room to swim. Like, I said, I'm never getting bettas from walmart. I'm glad your betta is doing well, Cjay. And for the rest of you, I just want to say again that walmart has been carrying bettas on and off for years. Imagine how many more would have to die before they stop for good? I don't think they ever will, because little kids and oblivious parents don't know that they are encouraging unhealthy conditions. We won't ever get bettas from there, but other people who don't know will. I only get bettas and supplies from Petco and occasionally Petsmart.
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