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Shrimp have very little bioload, so I don't think your 5 gallon is TOO long as it's cycled and you're doing a small weekly water change, you should be fine.
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Originally Posted by Sweeda88 View Post
This is what I was going by, not the 5 gallon thing.
LOL my bad hehe
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I have several 1gal tanks with 1- Betta and several shrimp and snails...but I also have lots of live plants in my 1gal tanks that function as the filtration to keep the water fish safe....with that said...IMO-1gal is fine for this species especially for the long fin Betta provided that you make the needed water changes to maintain water quality-that being 1-50% and 1-100% weekly without a filter or live plants...with a filter and/or live plants depending on the species and number-twice weekly 50% should maintain water quality in a 1gal filtered tank.

Ghost shrimp don't eat poop per se, however, they do sift through it for undigested tid-bits they can eat....

Evaporation is normal and my open top tanks I have to top off weekly and in some this can be up to sure and use dechlorinator in the water for the top offs......
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