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New Tank...

I recently (Monday 24) lost my beloved Napoleon but I just can't look an an empty tank. I woke up to feed him today and it took me a little bit to realize that there's no water in the tank... So I need a new fish. I'm looking at the pet store tomorrow. I think he died of Ich... probably caused by temp fluctuations. Stupid topfin heater....

Anyway! I bleached the tank. (2 cups of bleach in a 10 gal) Then rinsed it out a lot with hot water. All his stuff got soaked. I'm pretty sure I got all the residue off. (any sure way I can tell?) So when I get the new fish I can't set up the tank soon enough to acclimate him. Can I let him live in a mason jar for a few days? Only 1-3 and I'll be there to watch over him and stuff. It's just because I don't want to have him floating while I'm at school or work.

It's a 10 gal. Do I have to cycle fishless? It has a heater (fluval) and a filter (tetra whisper) Or can I just put him in there and do weekly 10-20 percent water changes? I don't have any substrate. It's just a pain.

Also, there's no way I could put a sorority in 5 gal could I? If I split the tank? It might be too much work for me. It's just a thought. Maybe another male? Opinions? If I did split the tank I wouldn't get the 2nd one until about a few months after I only had the one. Oh and is there something wrong with freeze dried brine shrimp (except for the fact it smells and you have to break small pieces off)?
I just don't want anything to go terribly wrong this time... It scares me... Thanks for enduring this post.

I'm sorry for the scatter brained ness of this post. I'm still a little upset

P.S. If anyone ever wants a memorial to their fish/any other animal/person I guess. I do a mean job at making videos for it. I'll post a vid in a memorial post soon.
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I'm so sorry for the loss of your fish. Freeze dried shrimp is fine but it should be rehydrated to avoid digestive problems.
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I've never used bleach to clean a tank, so I have no idea. All I know is that you have to rinse it several times with hot water, and then it's a good idea to leave it out for a day in the sun...but depending on where you live, it'll be pretty hard to do that since it's winter and all...

How big is a mason jar? Regardless, he should be okay for a few days if you do water changes.

Cycling will take a month, so you might as well do a fish-in cycle. It'll be okay as long as you regularly moniter the water parameters and do small water changes daily, sometimes a few times a day.

Sororities can't go in a 5 gal. you need at least 10 gallons for a sorority. Splitting is fine though.

Good luck!
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