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View Poll Results: Its the end of the world! Whould you eat your pet if all other food is gone?
YaY 4 26.67%
NaY 11 73.33%
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Old 01-28-2011, 09:01 PM   #31 
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I agree with dramaqueen, in that situation exactly, it's either: The mother dies then the cubs consequently die, or she eats one or two cubs, in which she survives and can go on to have more cubs.

The "total" loss of losing everything or just one or two, you could say is that it would be naturally more "beneficial". Sounds horrible but as DQ says, it's nature :(

I do not condone eating your own children though LOL
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Old 01-28-2011, 11:55 PM   #32 
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I don't think I could eat my pets. Maybe a shrimp or crayfish, but not things like cats. I would feel really bad, and I would feel like I commited a murder. If I was Going to die like that DAY yeah, but not until then.
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Old 01-29-2011, 12:24 AM   #33 
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Well, hopefully none of us will ever end up in that situation.
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Old 01-29-2011, 12:53 AM   #34 
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Originally Posted by bahamut285 View Post
As for the offshoot of people going on about violence in relation to seeing it movies/video games...

This is why there are ratings such as E for Everyone and M for Mature. The game ratings are there because, yes although violence in video games is not great. It's rated M because people at the age of 18+ are mentally capable of saying: "Okay yeah it's just a game, I'm not going to treat my life like Call of Duty or Halo or something".

The ignorance comes with parenting. Believe it or not, parents have a huge impact on how their children turn out. I really have issues with this "New Age Parenting" that's been a huge fad going around current parents, in which you just "let your child grow" without any form of punishment or reward. OR those over-indulgent parents who buy their 12 year old Call of Duty because the punk won't shut up and the parent doesn't know how to deal with a whining kid properly.

You have to explain to your child WHY something is wrong, not because "it just is" or "You'll be arrested so don't do it". Sure some kids won't listen or will rebel, but that's only because when they were younger, the basic "respect your parents" was not enforced, or enforced poorly.

Since this is getting really off topic, I'm going to stop, but feel free to reply, I don't bite...hard.
OMG YEAH! I totally forgot to ask the age of the child! *facepalm* It might not be widely known but before you're 13 (usually by 7 or 8 but at the latest usually 13) you can't really distinguish the difference between a movie and real life. That also comes into play. That's why Movie ratings are there because if a child sees a death scene they usually get really freaked out and stuff thinking that it really happened. That's when the parents have to spend time explaining that it wasn't real it was just a movie.

(learned this in Anthropology too! XD) After I learned that it clicked about my sever needle phobia. I actually saw a scene at the age of eight where someone was murdered in their sleep via injection of some sort. That image is STILL with me to this day and I can still picture it clearly. I never got over that.

To this day if I see the blood van I pretty much jog in the other direction or take a VERY wide detour around to avoid it. I'm not too happy whenever I need any type of blood work done at the doctor's office for the same reason. In my head it really happened at the time and even though I know better now the fear is still very much there.

So if the kid was really young then I could probably see him thinking it was ok because in his mind it might have really happened and the protaganist never got in trouble for it.

This is all just theory though. If the kid was like 15 or something there's no excuse.
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