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Ugh, that's the only downside to ADA aquasoil in that it takes a few weeks for all the ammonia to leech out. Although I suppose you could probably cycle your tank using it if you didn't have any plants that would be affected by high ammonia levels.

However, my hairgrass loved it, and was sending off new runners even when I wasn't fertilising properly or giving it enough light. The only reason I took it out of my tanks was because they weren't heavily planted enough not to gravel vac and Aquasoil kept making the water cloudy.

Your tank looks very nice . I'm always tempted to go for that sort of look in one of my tanks. Maybe you could tuck in a few anubias nana 'petite' around the smaller head and log.
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The filter pads have been in my cycled 10G for about a month now,so they should have lots of BB on them.

I have held off doing too much planting with the statue tank has although its a good tank it's tall and I'm not using its height enough and where it is situated you can only see mainly from the front so the corners become invisible/distorted.I have just bought a rectangular 10G from E-bay which I'm collecting tomorrow to (eventually,when I have time & made space for it) replace the tall tank.I'll use the statue/jungle scape look etc in the new tank as I really like it,but in a lower/wider tank I can give it a better landscape.Plus I can easily add more lighting in a normal hooded tank so I can have a wider scope of plants.
I was thinking of adding something inside the statue head to form an anchoring point and have an Anubias growing out of the "crack" in the top of the staues head.I also have some more bogwood that I bought for this tank but could never fit it in the tall tall without it looking too crowded.

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Wow, both of your tanks are lovely! Good luck with your bettas!
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