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Bettafish15: Good thinking! The heater came present to where it is now, and it's realllly hard to adjust the little knob thing. I'll pop it out (it's huge, and totally horizontal to fit) when I do a water change tomorrow and turn it up :>

Turtles10: Wow! That's quite impressive! He sounds like one big betta! Poor shrimpies though. I'm not even sure mine could fit a shrimp into his mouth. I think I will go with cherry shrimp. Hopefully the guy selling them for $2 keeps his ad up craiglist.
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Honestly I think he just tore them apart and ate them bit by bit.
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Oh ;A;
My betta seems pretty non aggressive with food so hopefully he'll leave them alone...
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I did a 50% water change today and turned his heater up to what I think is around 80. I'm really bad with reading it haha. Cupping him was really easy as he swam right into the cup! I gave him a bloodworm while he was waiting for the tank cleaning and it made him settled down a lot! He hates to be able to see his tank but not be in it lol. I have some more questions though (sorry D:)

I can see what looks like a tiny bit of water inside my heater. Both of the recommended placements have it fully underwater so I assume it's submersible. I also noticed it smells a bit funny when I shut it off to change the water. (This might have been the prime though) Also, do I have to wait for the heater to cool down before I take water out? It says it can't be operated out of water.

About the filter: Can I unplug it during water changes? Water stays inside it enough to keep the sponges wet. It also has this white sponge in it that's turning all brown and yucky.

Also (sorry!) I'm ordering some frogbit, and possibly a marimo moss ball. What affect would this have on the ammonia in my tank? And will it overcrowd my tank?

Last thing: what are your opinions on bio balls?
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I would always unplug both the heater and filter when making water changes...the filter media will be fine in the short time you have it don't want the filter media to dry out, filter left off for more than 5 hours or use chlorinated water to clean the filter media...

You want the filter media to look dirty-this is good, however, the filter media needs to be cleaned somewhat so that it will have good water flow....a good rinse/swish in the bucket of old tank water with a water change to remove the large pieces of gunk is usually all that is needed to maintain a good water flow...I will sometimes use my clean hand to rub the filter media a bit to help dislodge the sliminess a bit while swishing it in the bucket of old tank water or even clean dechlorinated water if the filter media is really dirty or trouble with water flowing through it....careful with too much cleaning on the filter media and if you do need to clean it more...monitor the water prams daily for a few days and watch for spikes or a mini cycle..especially with new setups....usually filter media cleaning only needs to be done a couple of times a month and when the water flow slows

As far as the heater...water inside of it doesn't sound may want to go to the heaters web-site and see if any information is on that web-site about water in the careful and unplug it before working with don't want to get shocked......

Frogbit is a good floater and will help with water quality can sometimes get out of control with fast growth and will need to be thinned out so not to shade out any other plants in the is also a great goldfish if you know anyone with goldfish or if you have a goldfish pond..they will love the excess frogbit....

Bio-ball media-are great to add to your filter box to help with biological filtration
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