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New Betta

Hello! I just brought home a new betta after loosing my last one on Christmas. I absolutlly loved my first betta. He had TONNS of personality and would chase my finger and get excited when I came to the tank. But my new betta hides behind the heater all day and barely swims around or come up for food. I am just concerned because I want him to be happy and comfortable. Could it be he is still getting used to his new home? Or if he is just an older fish?
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He could still be getting used to his new home! What size tank is he in? Whats the temperature?
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Congrats on your new fishy!

He could just be taking a while to settle in, when I first got my boy he was quite shy and a little inactive but after a few day he really came out of his shell.
As long as your fish is eating I wouldn't get too worried just yet.
What temp is your tank set to? It might be that he is a little cold some Betta's prefer warmer water then others.
He could also be hiding because he is feeling exposed in his tank, what kind of hiding spots does he have? any caves or pots or something of that sort? Does he have lots of plants?
I would keep a close eye on him and see how he does over the next few days.
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Thanks, The tempeture is 78 degrees and he has a 5 gallon all to himself! Right now he only has 2 plastic plants. I was thinking about getting him live plants but I couldn't find any at the pet store where I got him. I could probably find a cave or a statue but not one he can cut his fins on since he has long beautiful ones! I was also wondering how often I should clean the tank and what percent water changes do I do. Also my light on the hood broke. Is it important to have light on him? I really hope he opens up to me so I can see him better! He's beautiful
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If it's not cycled, I'd change the water once a week, 100%.
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