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Old 01-30-2011, 10:57 PM   #11 
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Originally Posted by Sherleelee View Post
How long have you had them like that?
I have had my bettas for a couple months and at this point they do there own thing then one will arch up and they go at it for a bit then back to what ever they where doing, im just worried casue it might be causing stress on there gills or something having them flaring so much. does ur bettas flare alll the time ect aswell or?
Within a few days they get used to each other. I have 2 males that flare all the time...and then 2 that only flare at each other.
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all my males are right next to each other. They all do fine. Sometimes they will flare, but more of the time they just ignore and beg for food from me. :P
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Nah cant do the divider thing... both bettas went nuts on there tails... *sigh* looks like one of them is trying to be a CT >.<
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Originally Posted by MrVampire181 View Post My bettas are in constant sight of each other...IMO they need social interaction. I have info from an IBC judge, transhipper, and breeder that goes to show being visually seperated is bad for them. It's like putting you in a room with a couch, food when you're hungry, water when you're thirsty, etc. but you don't see humans...after awhile you won't know what to do when you see another person. I can post a link to my thread on the experiment that Linda did.
I find this an interesting post! reason being, my custom tank is divided with clear glass and by the end of the week will be home to six male bettas who are all going to be in clear view of one another.

the advice i have received from ppl in the industry and who built my tank is that, yes they will see one another and flare, but they will then get bored and dander off, that it will not be harmful to them at all.

there seem to be two totally opposing sides in this question - yes its bad, and no it aint. no doubt some will think my tank is going be to stress-central, but i have sought the appropriate and qualified advice, so i guess we will see over the coming weeks how they take to clear dividers.

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Well, IMO, I think that the stress level depends on the Betta. Pug and Stahl are in a divided together and they barely even look at one another. But Gyger and Caligula, on the other hand, are constantly flaring at eachother. Also, once I put Melvin's tank next to Mandala's, and Mandala got so stressed he bit his own tail off but Melvin did not seem to care.
Just aswell, Abacus and Cannibal Johnson are not in the same tank but can see eachother and Abacus spends more time flaring at his reflection that at Cannibal Johnson.
So yeah, I think is depends on the Betta.
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Male bettas will flare at each other for a while, then stop once they get used to it. BUT if your bettas have been going at it nonstop then I would highly recommend blocking the view securely. The raised scales could mean they are developing dropsy, which is fatal. Imagine being in angry defense mode 24/7, that would wear you down too :/.

If you are worried about lack of interaction, you could remove the cover every once in a while.
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Mine are right next to each other. I think they're smart enough to figure out, after awhile, that they can't get to each othert and then ignore each other, except for a flare or two once in awhile.
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constant, flare, raised, scales

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