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Titus Flame
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Originally Posted by BettasForever View Post
Awesome!!! Continue! Thanks for following my story!
Thank You! Your welcome.

Originally Posted by Ethan View Post
pretty good!!!so far
Thank You! Here is the next chappie...

Chapter 6-Water Problems
I had now been living with the group for 21 days. We all got along pretty good. There had been anouther Thunderstorm, and thier was still plenty of water and food. This morning some of us were sleeping in,
although me and some others were already eating. Hershey swam up and joined me.

"Still lots of food, huh?" Hershey remarked.

"Yep. Tastey food too" I replied.

"That betta, Watermelon, is busy tending is fry now." Hershey said.

It was true. A few days a go, Watermelon had spawned with a resident female, and now he was gaurding his fry. There were over 50 of them. Some of the other bettas helped him from time to time, but he was usually there. (I know, other bettas would eat the fry, but this is a little bit unrealistic)

Streak was swimming up to join them now, and most of the group was up.

"Good Morning guys" Streak said.

"Good Morning Streak" I said.

"Good Morning" Hershey said to him.

Later that afternoon, me and a few other bettas diecieded to go visit the side of the road. We swam over and looked around. Cars were wizzing by. Water splashed up as they did. Me and the others waited in a sheltered spot, so the waves didn't hit us.

Suddenly, the water flow was reduced.

"That's wierd" A betta named Tornado said.

Indeed it was.

"This could create problems at the pond" I said.

"Let's go!" Spring shouted.

We swam back to the pond, were we all gathered and I told the story of what happened. We were all worried, but there wasn't much we could do.

The next morning, we notcied the water level was a little lower. Thier was still plenty of bugs, but it did worry us as we eat.

"There's not to much water coming in" Tornado reported.

Throughout the day, the water level got a little lower. By the time we went to bed, it was at least 2" down from the morning before. I was getting very concerned now. Watermelon, too, was looking worried.

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Very nice story. :)
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very nice and unrealistic but the unrealistic facts are the ones that make story good
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