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Old 01-31-2011, 11:00 PM   #1 
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Salt Question

New to betta care. I thought aquarium salt should be a part of routine water changes. Now I read only use salt when fish is sick. Which is correct?
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I was told only use salt when the fish is sick. I don't think it's necessary for betta fish to have salt. But I could be wrong. I'm new to this too =)
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Only use salt as a treatment. Its an old practice to use it as part of ones regular routine, and while few still do use I regularly, its really not good for the fish long-term. Remember, even though they can tolerate salt, they are freshwater fish ;)
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Old 02-01-2011, 02:57 AM   #4 
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When it comes to salt being used regularly in fish tanks its a 50/50 topic.
I personally use a decent pinch of AQ salt in all my water changes if my fish are sick or not. My reason for doing so is i feel its the best way ( along with your normal water changes) to pervent sickness in your fish. My fish have had salt from day one and have had them for over 3 months now and seem perfectly fine. So really its up to you, i know people who have used Aq salt in all there water changes and have bettas live 3+ years. So yea personal preferance. :)
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Old 02-01-2011, 05:39 AM   #5 
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Aquarium salt in the tank regularly is more for brackish fish (like mollies I know) because it simulates their natural environment because they come from an area where salt and freshwater meet, making them neither. I also know with mollies, making the water a bit brackish(between fresh and salt) makes them less prone to disease like ich and such.
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Lots of debate still going on with the aquarium stems more from the old timers like years ago before we knew better and before more scientific research, updated filtration and general knowledge of water...we relied on sodium chloride to help keep our fish with better filtration and knowledge we have found that salt is not needed and can be bad/harmful in some cases especially long term use.

Aquarium salt (sodium chloride) is a great product to use short term for treatment when used for the right reason, dosage and duration....long term use can cause resistant issues and kidney damage with incorrect use
Long term use can be risky especially if you do have a problem and you need it for a may not work......and you may start to see bloat problems for no reason with some fish that have been kept in salt long term and this is usually due to kidney damage/system shut down due to long term salt.

Some fish are more tolerant to long term salt and other are not and with some species the use of small amount can be deadly

With brackish fish it is best to use marine salt like what is used for saltwater fish since it has more minerals that the brackish fish need.
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i use salt and my betta is fine and happy! :)
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