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Originally Posted by scootshoot View Post
I read a ghost shrimp article stating they will eat fish feces. *Sssurrrreee they did....*

But I am here to confirm they really help eat and break down waste. Just saw a glimpse of one of my ghost shrimp take a piece of fish feces and he was busy chowing, lol
Tasty. LOL

Mine get along fine with ghost shrimp. Problem is I just can't seem to get the ghost shrimp to survive naturally.
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Also a good idea with the shrimp is when they moult, leave the old shell in the tank. The shrimp will eat it to help replenish its supply of nutrients that it uses to grow its new shell.
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try the ghost shrimp. They are cheap so just in case.....I had three and they pretty much ignored each other. I never tried using snails with bettas just keep in mind if they are pregnant or whatever you will be a new daddy to a thousand or so. As far as the quanity of shrimp to one betta I suppose that would depend how clean you keep your tank and if Drax poops alot. If you keep it pretty clean you may have to feed the shrimp also so it does not starve ok I just read your other message bout Drax missing some food so seems like you got things in mind dont get ten though In my opinion five shrimp too one betta should be max ten might overwhelm Drax I dunno ask Drax which he would perfere outta shrimp and snails. Which ever he choose get the opposite lol
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Snails aren't male or female. It only takes one to reproduce.
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Not all snails mind you, Apple/Mystery snails do have sexes and you would need both for them to lay eggs. And if you don't want them you can either not give them area above water to lay them or just scrape them off if they do.
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