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Foggy Green Water (help)!

I recently bought a 10 gallon tank. I used my old filter so I kept my beneficial bacteria and used the water from my old tank, after a good week of cycling I added the new filter that came with the kit I let both filters run for another week. I just added my male betta and 5 neon tetras to the tank this past Monday. Since then the water is so foggy I cant see the back of the tank and it has a green tint to it. Also it has a terrible smell.

I checked the levels yesterday everything is good, but I did a 80% water change, it is not as bad but it is starting to get foggy again.

The water is kept at 77 degrees, I only have the new filter running now (but it ran a week with the old filter).

Should I have cycled the tank longer than 2 weeks?
What did I miss or do wrong?
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Old 02-03-2011, 01:38 PM   #2 
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I would think it is the bacteria bloom, and it should settle down in a couple of days.
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I hope so.
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Reference Team
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Did you stock your tank with fish after adding the two filters, or did you let them run for a week without anything in the tank?

If you weren't adding a source of ammonia while your filters were running for the week, you could very well have starved your beneficial bacteria. The idea of 'seeding' a filter or tank with mature media, is that you can add stock right away, using water changes to help your bacteria along until it has established the right levels.

I would keep a very careful eye on your water levels over the next couple of weeks. The cloudy water is probably a bacterial bloom like the above poster said. Water changes and maybe something like Seachem Purigen should clear it up if it bothers you.
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If the cloudy water is green then you most likely have an algae bloom.....have a few questions....

What kind of water test products are you using-strips or liq reagent and what are your water pram numbers for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH....

what kind of substrate are you using, any live plants, if so, what kind and how many, lights-watts and kelvin if you have live plants, how old are the bulbs, any direct or indirect sunlight, any additives used, what kind of filter, what is your regular water change schedule-how much and how often, how much and what kind of foods....
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