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Get Hornwort...

Seriously I... I... LOVE THIS PLANT!
Out of all of the plants I've gotten for my 10g... this one has flourished the most! At first it will shed it's needle like leaves like an old dry Christmas tree but after a few days it will establish and grow happily! It's leaves don't taste good to most fish so it won't get eaten alive like most plants. It's excellent for hiding in... My Ghost Shrimp use it as their home base when Drax is patrolling (Then again he seems to love having the Shrimp around).

1 Java Fern, Doing well, has mini ferns on leaves few black spots otherwise carefree.
1 Anubias, growing slowly but very healthy.
1 Wysteria.... Eh not doing much and got damaged when left to dry to long during a tank cleaning but still alive.
1 Anacharis........ (Don't ask)
2 Banana Plants, one large one small both are doing... I guess well. Though Desi (My Snail) Seems to sit on their roots alot (always on the sides I can't see!) The larger one is currently unfurling a long leaf.
1... well several... Pennywort, Was dying at first, then Desi ate away at the anchor points and caused them all to float... the extra light then seemed to cause them to acclimatize faster, now re-anchored they are doing well.
Dozens of some Riccia which have been shredded by the filter but are now sorta hanging quite tastefully around the other plants like little mini decor... the Ghost shrimp seem to like gathering them.
1 ... NOW GIANT Hornwort... I swear It's doubling in size weekly haha I MAY HAVE TO ACTUALLY trim it soon haha.
1 large red plant... doing poorly but I think it's starting to come back.

Since I'm at school I can't constantly tend to the plants until the weekends but... (Mom feeds the fish) BUT all of the plants I've mentioned are doing very well (Now) so... little care seems to be needed.
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