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Whole family raising the babies

So I bred my female again... I'm going to put this in all caps so no one misses it and ends up freaking out again.... I BRED MY FEMALE TO GET RID OF HER EGGS THAT SHE WON'T DROP, I AM NOT RAISING THE FRY THEY WILL BE SNACKS FOR DADDY FISH.

But anyways, there are some weird situations happening in my breeding tank. After normal conditioning and introductions etc. I put my female in with my 1st male and I'm pretty sure my male thinks he is a female now... They swam around together in the same tank for 2 days like they're old friends haha no flaring no nipping just hanging out. So I put my 2nd male in with her and they did spawn buuuuuttt they split the eggs in half and the male has one bubble nest and the female has one and they are both taking care of their own eggs and are being super nice to each other!

Anyone ever experience this? I thought it was verrrrry strange so I decided to share. haha

I'm going to take mommy fish out today and split the tank again to put my other male back today.
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that is the weirdest thing i have ever heard. just... how does that happen? lol. I am glad you posted and cant wait to hear peoples ideas on this!

edit: the male and female swimming round as friends isn't unheard of.

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Females don't always drop eggs. Many times they just reabsorb them. Some females seem full with eggs all the time. These are all normal conditions. Now you have fry on the way that your just going to kill? The male will not eat all the fry unless he's a fry eater. He'll eat the bad fry to give the good fry a new chance at survival. The others will starve to death.

Many pairs tend the nest together while spawning. Eventually the male takes over fully and chases the female off.
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My female does not drop her eggs she just keeps producing them to the point where she gets so big she doesn't look like a betta anymore. I have given her time to reabsorb them and she doesn't. I have seen articles by veterinarians that say if they do not reabsorb the eggs within 3 months it can become a life threatening condition.

The male is well known as an egg eater. And the tank is a 10 gallon shared between 2 males so I'm pretty sure between the two of them all the fry will be eaten in a timely fashion.
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