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corkscrew val ftw!
its only 1.49 at petsmart and sprout like crazy.

i bought 1 bundle now it has 3 bundles and 1 tiny sprout growing out.
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Originally Posted by PewPewPew View Post
Would any of these aforementioned plants work (if needed planting?) in marbles? D:
As I said (trust me! ;]) none of the plants I listed need any special substrate. Marbles will be just fine. =]

You have to be careful when planting the Anubias and the Java Fern though because although they don't need substrate they do take their nutrients in through their rhizomes (Anubias) and their roots (Java Fern) and are best when tied to a piece of decor so that their rhizomes (anubias) or roots (java fern) are exposed to the water. =]

They DO need the correct lighting however. They need a Daylight (6,500K(Kelvins)) Bulb. The easiest to find these days are CFLs (swirly bulbs) and you can find them at any hardware store. =]

Here's an example of what you'll want to see somewhere on the light bulb's packaging:

<-- notice the big bold DAYLIGHT and the clearly visible 6,500 K? That's what you want to see somewhere on the packaging whether it be display on the front (where it should be and normally is) or on the back somewhere. =] Sometimes the lights will say cool natural or full spectrum and you'll have to look on the back for the K (Kelvins) rating but yeah! ;]
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