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Exclamation New Betta - Fin rot? Columnaris? Funny poop? Help?

I hope I've given all the necessary details by filling out the questionnaire from the sticky to the best of my ability. Basically, I got the betta on Tuesday and put him in a bowl that was about 1 gallon without heat or gravel. Then on Wednesday I moved him to my desk where I noticed he was very lethargic. I started doing intense amount of research, and found that I was doing a lot of things wrong. I discovered that he seemed to be suffering from fin rot, and that tetracycline might be an adequate treatment, so the next night I got the 2.5 gallon tank, gravel, and thermometer. That night I used a lamp to heat the tank to an acceptable temperature and added the tetracycline (1/4 packet - see below). I borrowed an old air pump from a friend to prevent him from needed to surface for air as well. The next day I got a heater and still could not decide if he was improving or not. Saturday I began to worry about the patches of his scales that seemed to be shedding layers (like a reptile sheds its skin). I took out the air pump Saturday night because I realized he was staying in the corner far away from it. Since, he has been staying close to the heater (even though the tank is about 79 degrees) and blowing a very small (about 1 square inch) bubble nest. This morning was the first time he ate. I just noticed him pooping for the first time and thought it looked like some of the descriptions I had read about for bad poop and googled, found this forum, and here's my post. Is there anything more I could be doing for the poor guy? There are pictures and a video in the link.


2.5 gallon tank.
78-80 degrees Fahrenheit
No filter
Removed airation because he seemed stressed by it
Got heat on day 5

Aqueon BettaFood
I was feeding him once a day but he wasn't eating anything. This morning was the first time he ate and now he has funny poop. I wasn't sure how much to feed him because I got excited over him eating in the first place. Over the course of the day I think I may have fed him a total of 7 pellets, and he seems to be picking on the bottom for the ones that had previously sunk (usually i would try to make him notice them and in the process they would sink). Any pellet I put in the tank he immediate runs over too and gobbles up now, unlike before.


I didn't change his water but once until I got the new tank and antibiotic, and since I've been changing it every day. at about a 25% rate if not a little more, according to the directions on the Tetracycline. I add Nutrafin Aquaplus tap water conditioner to the water I add

Water Parameters:
I have not tested my water, I'm hoping to get the necessary supplies soon.

Symptoms and Treatment
His fins are falling apart, there are some places where it looks like his skin is peeling and falling off. Also, his underside looks raw. Totally white where the edges of what I guess his gills are. (see pics)
When I first got him he was very lethargic, staying at the bottom of the bowl. When I got him the 2.5 gallon tank, he started getting a little more active, then started engaging in what I would call scratching himself on the walls of the tank. Today he seemed a lot happier and for the half of the morning when I was feeding him, he did not try to scratch himself but it began again later in the day.
Today is day 4 of a tetracycline treatment for him. I added a quarter of a packet meant for 10 gallons every day, putting him in the 2.5 gallon on thursday, performing a 25% change on Friday, and another 25% change before adding it again tonight.
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It is not uncommon for Bettas to take a few days to eat when you first bring them home.
I cannot see any scale conditions looking at your pictures. Perhaps brighter pictures would help. :)
He does seem to have some fin rot or at least tail biting. Some Bettas, from their journey from the breeders to the store, will bite at their tails because they feel uncomfortable. Either way, just keep his water clean and add some Aquarium Salt to his water. It helps with fin growth and prevents infection. Just do not use it for more than 10 days (over exposure to the salt will harm your Betta over time).
He seems to not be doing too bad.
And good for you for researching the proper way to care for a Betta!
I hope this helps, good luck. :)
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