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Java Moss Disinfecting and Snail Identification....

Hey everyone

Well I've been looking for java moss for a while down in Florida and finally found some at a pet shop down here. What I didn't realize when I posed my question to the staff about them carrying it, is that it came from one of their fish tanks! I figured, ahhh, what the heck, I can disinfect it, etc. They gave me a HUGE amount for $5, so ya....

Anyway, I did the whole bleach thing, around 20/1 water to bleach. I was going to attempt to leave it for over 2 min, but around the one minute mark or just over, the color started getting a little dull and parts started to brown so I took it out and gave it a rinse. It seems to be doing ok, but time will tell. Will this take care of ick or anything else that could harm my new Thailand imports?! I don't want to chance it!

I am going to give it a few rinses, and then quarantine it for 72 hours. Any other suggestions?

Also, before I did this, I took out 4 snails from the bunch, I didn't want to kill any of them. I didn't find anymore. They are now in a little container while I try to figure out what to do with them! I have been trying to identify them online but no luck. They are small, brown with three parts to their shell (maybe four) but the middle part is lighter than the others, if that makes any sense. I can get a picture of them later today, but if anyone knows anything or can help me identify, that would be great!

Thanks in advance:D
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I enjoyed your StarSpun that type of makeup...mineral is the only type I use....I will have to give your brand a try when I am due to get more...anyway.....cute cat too.....

Loved your Betta pics...very nice......
Since you plan to breed-why not put the snails to work.....since I like common snails-I have lots of them and they all have a job..... and I suspect that is what you have-ramshorn, pond or trumpet...hard to say without a pic.....anyway-along with live plants the snail can help create infusiora for the tanks-a great first live food source for Betta fry and the snails can also help by eating any leftover foods that can foul the is easier to clean the snail poo...... and the snail poo although it can create ammonia just like any is a better byproduct than what is created by decaying fish foods...they don't really add that much of a bioload-but they do have to be kept under most likely will have a lot of snails in the near future from the java moss anyway....with one common snail...... you most likely will have many snail egg sacs too....and bleach usually will not do that much as far as killing them-the best way is to feel for the jelly sac and manually remove them.....

Needed to add....I am sure you know this already.....but if and when you do something with the common snail-make sure you dispose of them that-wrap in newspaper and crush them and toss in the trash or burn...they can wreck havoc on the environment and it may be illegal in Florida if they are released alive into the native habitat...also, Betta love to munch on the snail meat...I crush a few of mine on occasion for the Bettas to eat....

Look forward to hearing about your spawning projects.....

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Location: Toronto, Canada for the warm months, on an RV somewhere warm during the cold ones!

Thanks for the response
And thanks for the kind words about my site. It's not near done, I have about 10000000 products to add. UGH! I was supposed to launch last year but I'm too perfectionist....and the site is currently being moved over to another cart. Work work work!

Would LOVE to get feedback on my product, if you want to make an order in the future, I will send you a bunch of free stuff, just let me know your opinion

So I have been reading up on the role of snails. I wish I knew what kind I have! I will get a picture soon. I didn't find any egg sacs which I thought odd, but who knows.
Is it possible that the java will transfer any diseases? It's been sitting out for four days now. So nervous to add it!

Hmmmm, so now I am thinking, when I go back to Canada, chances are they will not allow me to bring the snails across. May have to rehome them But I'll for sure use them down here since I will be spawning one pair while in the U.S....

Thanks again:D
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I just found a olive snail that wont reproduce in freshwater but can live in it. dont own it but thought was cool!
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