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Does this mean my fish is happy?

My first betta fish I had lived in a tiny tank and lived for a couple years (the longest out of all my bettas) and I was really young when I had all my bettas so I didn't know any better than to make them live in little tanks and feed them flakes that the petstore told me to buy.

Almost a week ago I bought my first betta in a couple of years and I wasn't really prepared to bring him home (kinda a rescue betta) and so I put him in a tiny kritter keeper until I could buy him something bigger.. He didn't even move, he wouldn't swim around or anything (it wasn't decorated). After doing a lot of research on this site and many others I finally understand what bettas need and for my birthday (a month from today) I am getting a 5gal glass tank with a hood light and filter and heater.

Until then I have him in a 1/2 gallon Marina betta kit. (Bigger than the kritter keeper) and I have a small plastic plant with NO sharp edges and some gravel. I change the water everyday to make sure it's not harmful to him. He has been swimming around like crazy! He doesn't stop! He goes in and out of his little plant and hides in it from time to time and he made a huge bubble nest (almost half an inch high). Does that mean his is content? I really want him to be as happy as possible until I get his 5gal tank.

Also I have a question about food.. I know they are suppose to have a variety so I have betta flakes, dried blood worms and pellets.. He spits both the pellets and flakes out and won't eat them... he will only eat the worms.. Why?
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Providing quality water with your water changes, monitoring temp to keep it stable in the 76-80F range and good nutrition and he will be happy...some Betta do fine in the smaller containers and others don't.....His behavior is telling you he is happy.....
Once you get your larger tank- this will allow you to decorate a bit more and less work for you once it is established and it will give the Betta a bit more space.

As far as the food-sometimes you have to starve them for a few days to get them to eat the pellets/flakes especially once they get started on the bloodworms...with some Bettas it is like his food for 2-3 days and offer the pellets only and if he doesn't eat them-remove and try again the next day...he will eat them when he gets hungry...also, he won't starve-they can go awhile without food and with some Bettas it can take a week or longer before they eat the pellets....resist temptation to feed the bloodworms.....
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None of us are mind readers, the constant swimming could be happiness or he could be stressed and trying to find a place to hide. As for the bubblenest, when water is undisturbed or waste is accumulating, the oily film that builds up on top of the water traps bubbles and prevents them from popping, allowing the betta to pile them really high. Even then, bubblenesting is an instinct, not an indicator of happiness so it shouldn't be taken as one.

If you are concerned about his welfare until you get his tank, you could always provide some more plants, dim the lights or house him in a larger rubbermaid tub until you get the new tank. Until then, really not alot you can do except keep the water clean. It will all be worth it when you set up the new tank though, I still remember my old betta zooming happily around his 5g the first time I put him in :)
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