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the whole "learn to read the body language" comes into play here me thinks
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Abby, I'm aware of that. this person is seeing stress stripes, horizontal stripes, and seems aware that they are bad. thats what I'm trying to say...I'm pretty sure the OP hasnt gotten them confused.

theres no need to be condescending alright? i've read enough to know what stress stripes and breeding stripes are.
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well i posted the ==|| then remembered something someone said to Justin about learning to read the body language no condescending was meant
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Thumbs up did you leave the light on her

Hey i have two that did the exact same behavior the first two times i tried to breed them and stupidly didnt do my research into breeding them thinking ahhh easy as pie BUT (and thats a big BUT) i have since taken the time to condition them with live feed for at least a month before even attempting to reintroduce them into their breeding tank which is a 30l tank and still i consider that a bit small
first you need to consider that some couples are just not compatible and this results in stressed fish and often death

second you must condition the fish for at least a minimum 16 days prior to spawning with nutricious live food like bw bs daphinia or other suitable foods otherwise it can and will also result in stressed fish and possible death

third have you left the light on overnight as ive been told by a top breeder it brings on hormones in the female for breeding

fourth you must introduce them slowly and peacefully and not fuss to much over them (remembering they can see you through the aquarium)making sure the humidity in the area is good and not to dry

fifth have you got cultures ready to feed the fry once born and the correct equipment for this as if not it will result in the death of the fry

now in saying all of this it still doesnt mean they will breed successfully

i have followed these steps to a t and now they are conditioned at all times weather i am breeding them or not and if i add them together in the tank they start breeding asa they are put together

now as everyone will say fry food is the most important thing to have before breeding them and if you dont have it its personally very stressful for you i say this because i reciently went for a weeks holiday and left the bettas in care of a relative who thought theyd be happier together (didnt realise its a no no) and as a result i now have a nest full of hundreds of fry with no food cultures for them and face the fact i may lose many if not all without adequate feeding which in my book is very stressful and upsetting for you and the fish
i hope what everyone has written has not offended you but the truth is alot of people rush into it (as i once did) without consideration for the fish at all and then get upset when there fry start dying and try to blame it on advice from others

id suggest you keep them appart for a month and condition them in this time on live nutrisious food and do some research for at least a week or two before you attempt to breed bettas as it is notoriously hard and stressful thing to do
regards Henshooter
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I won't comment on how to condition or breed. IMO your main problem is that you have a stressed female and she remembers the male so she will always be afraid of him if you show him on a daily basis.

1. Isolate them totally. Don't show her any other betta for at least 3 days - specially the .... that male.... or what ever betta with the same color as that male. If you don't have any other female bettas, use mirrors. If her stress persists, isolate for at least a week - longer = better. Repeat the flaring exercise. Make sure she is quite aggressive before showing her the male. And when you finally introduce - place the female in the tank and the male in the jar. She will gain confidence if she isn't chased by the male..... let her do the approaching.

2. Feed her nutritious food and make sure she is in good health. Think of it as a conditioning period. Btw she isn't too old.
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