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Thank you. I was actually looking into the tetra aquarium at walmart the other day. I am comparing it to another Tetra aquarium I found at petsmart.

Of course I am going off of reviews more than anything. I don't know exactly what to look for the most part. I already have a sponge for Acrylic aquarium.

My main confusion now is cycling. I know I want to cycle the tank for sure. Which method is dummy proof or as dummy proof as possible? Which one is the fastest? And once you cycle the tank, do you ever have to change the filter cartridge or would that mess the levels up?

I may be making it harder/more complicated than it really is..... I feel like I am on info overload now.

I am sure these questions have been answered before. I looked and didn't seem them. Also read ALL of the stickys! :)
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Cycling is about establishing a colony of nitrogen-fxing bacteria in your tank. This usually takes a few weeks....

You need an ammonia source, to get the bacteria to settle in and grow. Ideally, use a few pinches of fish food or -- if you can get pure ammonia without surfactants -- that's great! Let ammonia build up to 2-3PPM (you need a test kit to detect this -- use the liquid one, NOT the paper strips).

Now -- if you're patient -- you can wait for the bacteria t settle in (they do this by themselves) or you can speed up the process. Ideally, get filter media (sponges, etc) from an established tank. Or at least get a cup-ful of gravel from an established tank.... this will speed things up. Some people swear by 'bottles' bacteria, but not everyone agrees they work. I used Seachem 'Stability', and it took 4 weeks for my tank to cycle -- about as long as it should take anyway.....

Monitor your ammonai, nitrites, nitrates (you'll need test kits, I'm told the API Master kit is good value). You should first see ammonia going up, then down while nitrites go up. Finally, both ammonia and nitrites should hit zero, while nitrates go up. When this happpens, your tank is 'cycled'. You can now add fish,,,,

Good luck!

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Thanks. Makes it seem easier! Can't wait to get set up and cycled.:)
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You might want to look into this 5 gallon tank aswell:
It is a 5 gallon for $15!
And is a very good internet store. :)
And welcome to the forum! Make sure to post pictures of your Betta when you get him.
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