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Question Color Rubbing Off?

I have had my new betta "Tyson" for about a week now. When I first bought him, I didn't know much about bettas and the pet store honestly told me that he would be fine in a tiny, decorative 1/2 gallon tank without a filter, heater, etc. So that's what he lived in for the first couple days. Upon doing more research, I was angry that I was told wrong and I was abusing my innocent fish. In the past week, I have spent so much money on this little guy but I can honestly say he is quite spoiled! He now has a 5G tank, heater, filter, bubbler, cave, 2 ghost shrimp who he lays on top of, thermometer, live plants and 3 different types of food!
As a result of all these gradual changes, He has been handled A LOT in the last week with several water changes as additions have been added to his tank. It appears as though some of the metallic color on his body scales have "rubbed off" in spots exposing the black color underneath? No scales are missing and they do not appear to be open wounds of any kind. I also realize when I upgraded him to a larger tank I may not have used enough stress coat. Should I medicate him? Any advice would be appreciated!
Otherwise he appears super happy and active- always patrolling his territory, flaring his gills at the dog, healthy appetite, begging for food, etc. He rarely stops swimming! I love seeing him so happy.

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Good Job for researching! He is probably just stressed so he lost some color, it should come back when he settles down. Or he could be a marble betta! If he is a marble he will change color throughout his life!
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He looks like a marble, that would be really cool! :) I agree though, it might just be kind of stressful for him. He's so cute, I love his face. :)
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