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Multiple starved fish + one guy eating veggies? :C

Alright so I just got home from MN-- things didn't work out for me there. On my way back, since I know I've got the spare room, and since Calder and Anael made the bus ride back in one piece, I picked up this lovely doubletail PK at petco-- he's got yellow fins and a shimmery blue body.

Well I get home, after being gone four months. And I find my divided 10 gallon I left behind witht he fish is... well, it's in terrible shape. My sister told me she was feeding them every day but all the fish are super, super skinny. Like their heads are wider than the rest of their bodies. Also, it looked like the tank was pretty dirty, and I come to find out that the water hasn't been changed ONCE since I was gone-- that the filter was shut off because it was too loud, and the heater tossed because it 'wasn't working right' because the red light was going on now and again WHILE IT HEATED THE WATER.

So this mild nightmare is rather startling. I got my extra tanks out, and wound up having to divide stuff just because of the horrible state of the main tank. Calder, Anael, and the new doubletail plakat are split up in a three-gallon kritter keeper type thing. I've put my heater in there too and have been keeping an eye on the temp-- seems to be pretty steady and work fine.

The starving fish I moved to a 2-gallon kritter keeper that I split into two sections, and a little 1 gallon tank thing. I don't have heaters for them since people tossed the other one, so they just have to deal with the cold until I can save up. They're in clean water now, but they're really thin. They do seem quite interested in eating-- and I feed them 3-4 pellets per feeding time. Just wondering if anyone has any tips on how to help starving fish?

Second issue-- I got a couple snails from a friend-- little ones. I put them in with my fish, and I boiled a little bit of zucchini and chopped it up, and sunk it for the snails. Just a little piece in each section, as I have four snails. Well, Calder seems to think the zucchini is delicious or something. the other fish took a curious nip, but spit out the veggies. Calder keeps on eating bits of his snail's food. Should I take it out? Is he going to become ill from eating it? I'm a little worried, as I know he's not really supposed to be eating veggies.
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Definitely get some frozen bloodworms and a high protein pellet, and feed them slowly and with small food portions. About one pellet a day to start off with, supplimented with a bloodworm. You don't want to overload their gut too much since it's so small and unused to large amounts of food. After they've gained weight and have constantly rounded bellies, you can increase your pellets to two and then feed them normally, and keep feeding the bloodworms.

I don't think the zucchini will hurt your betta, but I'd still be careful. Just watch him carefully in case you see bloating.
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