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I don't think it's good for them, but I'm pretty sure that it won't outright kill them like bleach would.. as long as you give it a good couple rinses in hot water and then let it air dry, you should be in good shape.
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Alright! Thank you guys for all your help.
I'll be sure to update once I get the jar ready !
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If it turns out nice, I may be heading out to target to get cheesy puffs.

How much water does it hold?
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What is the reason you want to use this jar? It would seem much safer to use another option - those inexpensive Kritter Keepers, for instance.
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Lol, I have one that I emptied and cleaned and is now holding extra gravel. I am also keeping it just in case I need a quick temporary home should something happen.

I need to re-check it, but on the bottom there will be the recycle symbol with a number in it. Make sure it is the number 5. It seems a bit flimsy to me, the sides scratch too easily, and the sides bow a wee bit when full of water, but it was able to hold water for a whole week without any issues, so it'll be fine.

Getting the sticker off sucks, especially since it leaves behind the goop. A bit of cooking oil on a wash cloth should be able to get it off. After I did that, I cleaned mine with soap and water (yeah, I know, I know) because I had no vinegar or bleach on hand. But, I used literally one drop of soap, and that thing is roughly 2 gallons. I rinsed super well with a lot of hot water. I think I went as far as to rinse it like 3 times a day for several days just to be sure.

IMO, it's not a good fish house, because it is much taller than it is wide. If I were to use it for aquatic puruposes, it'd probably be to QT plants, or maybe as a little shrimp tank.

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