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Old 02-24-2011, 10:17 AM   #11 
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When you upgrade her, a 2 gallon would probably do, though in order for you to safely have tank mates, you'll probably want a minimum of five gallons. Either way, you'll need a heater (more important than a lamp). If you are planning on getting more tankmates, you'll need to cycle the tank first to help maintain water quality.

for the time being, keep her warm and doing 100% water changes daily to keep her healthy :)
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And I'm learning (I'm a new betta mom too) that this forum has waaay more practical, effective info than the majority of chain pet store staff when it comes to fish husbandry. I'd come HERE first with any issues/questions.
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Originally Posted by Pekemom View Post

There's alot to learn, and from what I understand, bettas don't get 'lonely' - or experience 'boredom.' Once you've got things under control, you can add to the tank at a later time.
I agree. So long as you interact with your bettas, they will not be lonely. Bettas are rather curious, almost to the point of being fearless. A single betta by itself is just fine, and may actually do better than in a group. Try to upgrade her to at least a 2 gallon heated tank. Filtering is up to you, but I personally like it, since it cuts down on the sheer number of water changes needed. Just poke your face at her and let her see you right before you feed her, and you'll quickly build up your relationship with her so that she begins dancing with joy (with slight overtones of begging) every time you walk into the room.

Once you get the basics of betta keeping down, then you can start entertaining thoughts of a sorority tank. I want to start one, but the only tank that I have that would be big enough is occupied by goldfish at the moment.

That said, when you do get around to it, I recommend a ten gallon tank or larger (always go for long rather than high tanks) and get odd number groups of females. A 10 gallon is really only big enough for three, and it has to be heavily planted and there has to be a lot of hiding spots, so a 20 gallon is better suited. Try to introduce them to the tank at about the same time, so no single betta feels like she has immediate dominance over the others. There will be fin-nipping, but as long as it doesn't turn into outright aggression and fighting, you'll be alright. There is a great thread stickied to the top of this sub-forum all about sorority tanks that would be great to read.
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^ I really dont think you should get into a sorority, or any more fish except the one you have right now, for that matter. Like people have said, just stick to your one little lady, learn what to do, and after a good long while of learning, maybe then look to other fish. Even experienced members have great trouble with sororites, and I dont recommend in the slightest you even think about doing it just yet....
And another thing to remember, betta girls are short-finned and quick quick quick! When looking at a new tank, opt for one that is long and not tall. She'll enjoy it more, and youll enjoy her enjoying it :B
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Thanks for all the advice everyone!!! Much appreciated!

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