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Old 03-02-2011, 10:15 PM   #1 
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What's wrong with my betta fish?

I recently bought a male crown betta fish. On the first day I had him, his fin fell off. So i was wondering if anyone would know whats wrong with him? I think he may have fin rot, but I'm not positive.He hardly eats too.
I did get some medicine for him called T.C. Tetracycline. He is looking a little better than when i first got him (he had blood spots on the top of his head) But he really hasn't improved that much. I've changed his water everyday too... And i just wanted to see if its another disease affecting him

Here are some pictures of him:

Side view:

top view:

thanks for your your time
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He looks...fuzzy.
Is he? Like on his head?
Could you take a couple more pictures for better reference?
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Well it used to be a fuzzy spot on his head. But since we added some medicine the fuzzy spot went away, and so did the blood spots on his head.
But her is another picture of him :)
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That's good that theyre gone. I havent had expirience with anything of that nature and dont know much about follow-up treatments :c Get in touch with OldFishLady or Lupin, they know their stufffff ;D And theyre nice.

Are his scales raised? If they are- Disregard this!!!-Perhaps add, if you have it, some aquarium salt- this will help with fin issues. Change the water frequently- possibly even every day or 50% each day.

Would you mind filling out the info sheet that is stickied in this forum?

Knowing the tank size, temp, feedings and water change schedual can help like crazy :)
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Old 03-02-2011, 11:09 PM   #5 
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His tank is .56 gallons
He has a light over head
No heater because the room is kept at 70 degrees
Bamboo plant is in his bowl with him
I use top fin for his water conditioner
I feed him betta pellets, betta flakes, and blood worms (I like to switch up his meals) I usually feed him in the morning and at dinner time

Since I’ve noticed he’s sick, I’ve been changing his water every day.

I don't know if this helps, but i bought him at walmart

I'm just really concerned because he hardly eats..

But thank you for your help! I really appreciate it!

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He also likes to float near the top of the water..He doesn't really move that much near the top...and he likes to blow bubbles near the top (not a bubble nest)
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Old 03-03-2011, 02:04 AM   #7 
Reference Team
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I can see a couple of problems with what you've posted up about your fish. Unless your 0.5 gallon tank is temporary, I would strongly suggest upgrading to at least a 1.5 - 2.0 gallon tank for the benefit of both you and your fish.

Tanks under a gallon are difficult to maintain, as you would be doing daily water changes to keep the water parameters stable. Ammonia and nitrite levels would need to be closely monitored because even trace amounts such as 0.25ppm, are enough to cause a whole slew of problems - everything from listless behaviour, to burning around the gill and fin areas.

You mentioned that the water is kept at around 70 degrees. This is much too cold, and is probably resulting in your fish's lack of appetite and lethargy. The problem with tanks under a gallon, is that there is no real way to maintain a consistent temperature. Usually the only heaters available, are those that raise the temperature of the water a few degrees above ambient room temperature. However, constant fluctuations of even only a few degrees can severely compromise the immune system of your fish, and definitely won't help if there is an underlying health cause for his behaviour.

Finally, if you have your bamboo completely submerged, it will eventually rot and pollute your water. I believe it is supposed to have only its lower stem submerged, with the water level kept below the first leaf node.

If this was my fish, I would firstly invest in a minimum 1.5 gallon tank and a suitable heater (preferably adjustable and with an inbuilt thermostat). I would perform 50%-70% water changes every second day, and would transfer my fish onto a diet of a good quality pellet food as well as the occasional offering of something high-protein like frozen brine shrimp or bloodworms.

Imagine if you were being kept in such a small body of water with nothing to occupy your time but some gravel and a single bamboo plant. You would undoubtedly be very bored, and spend most of your time moping. Filling the tank with betta-friendly and idiot-proof plants such as anubias and java fern, will give him a territory to explore and patrol and something to do. You can also provide outside stimulation by putting the tank in a high-traffic area so that there is always something different going on to catch his attention.

The fuzzy spot could have been anything from a mild fungal infection to a case of columnaris. Nine times out of ten, poor water conditions are to blame for health problems in fish. Proper care and pristine water, should ensure that you have a long time to enjoy your new fish.
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I agree with LittleBettaFish. A half gallon tank is not suitable for any animal to live in. Bettas are tropical fish which means they HAVE TO have temperatures in the 76-82 range. And although 1-1.5 gallons is generally the very minimum, I suggest no smaller than 2.5 gallons.

You also said since you noticed he was sick you were doing daily water changes. In something that small daily water changes are necessary no matter what.
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judging from your 3 pics, i can hardly notice any fin rot, but if you house him in a small tank, you shd have 100% water change every day or alt day until he recovers. also remove all the decoration stones etc to make treatment easier.
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