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Hi ascovino77! Welcome to the forums! Your bettas are gorgeous!
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Originally Posted by ascovino77 View Post
OK thanks for the advice.. I have reading a lot in this forum and im thinking ill get 1.5 gal tank and use one of those siphon to clean the bottom of the tank al least 3 times a week and change the 50% of the water....i saw a lot of pics and im also gonna put a plant pottery (i think is the right name, but im not sure..jejje) so he can hide and sleep there...also a few not rigid plants...should I put another fishes like corydoras in the tank??? sorry for all these questions, but i really want to learn,,,english and about bettas..jajajja thanks
Everything you just said sounds perfect! EXCEPT the part about adding corydoras. You need at least a 10g tank to add other fishy tankmates. Anything under 10g and the only tankmates you can have are snails and shrimp :) I hear they're both fun to have :) for a 1.5 though, I would recommend just a one snail because of the tank size. ;D You dont have to have a buddy for your bettas, you know :) Bettas are perfectly happy by themselves. Dont worry about asking questions :D It's good to learn!
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Welcome to the forums! Gorgeous bettas, I really love their colors. :) I'm glad you're learning a lot from some of the always helpful members. I think your bettas will be very happy in their new homes, especially with some decorations to hide behind or even rest upon.

And by the way, your English is very good!

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well guys thanks for all the advices an the compliment..ajajjaja..and well soon ill be posting new photos of the refurbished tanks ... thank you all and im gonna keep reading about bettas
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Your fish are beautiful! :)

I don't know if you have Kritter Keepers in Venezuela? They're cheaper than glass tanks.
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