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DRAX UPDATE:*Sigh* Might as well tell you what happened...


MY SUPPOSED Simply FEMALE snail reproduced! PETSMART LIED TO ME! I now have 2 snails... yeah not so much an infestation but still... >.> it's the principle of the thing.

*Suddenly fiddling with fingernail*

Hmm? Oh? Drax? Oh yeah he's fine...
Did have a MASSIVE scare with his tail though... half of it like overnight VANISHED!
HOW? You ask? Oh nothing at all actually... he bit it... but he bit it in a fashion as if he was like a Barber... clean little Betta mouth sized bite marks in a straight (Well almost) like along the end of the tail, which is now already regrowing. About a week ago I noticed his tail at the end was getting very raggy and sorta saggy (If that makes sense at ALL) and was developing a weird sac like poof in it... not a growth but like a billow in it.
NOW however his tail is a nice length and regrowing and no more bite marks.
Do Betta's often do this on purpose to keep their tails neat? If so... HOORAY FOR DRAX BEING NORMAL! If not... OH NO FOR DRAX BEING WEIRD!

But as I said... he seems to swim better now...
GOD but when I found out about it a few days ago from mom frantically calling me in the morning saying. "SOMETHINGS WRONG! HIS TAIL IS DISAPPEARING!" She assumed the Ghost Shrimp had attacked him... but after she said it was an almost clean line with no black rim I told her it couldn't have been a fight, and it couldn't be fin rot.

The Ghosties:
I don't know if it's 7, or 8 left... but they all seem to have their own little agenda's. One is always on the level leaf of the submerged vine, one is always upsidedown at the top in that weird grass like plant Fluorita something, and fiddling with it... two always across from eachother under the Anubias, another in the Hornwort, another in the cup like shell etc etc they each have their space. And sorta like how she grew to love Drax, my mom who thought the Ghost Shrimp were creepy and looked like spiders... says she finds them adorable when she feeds them, how they seem to be reaching up and flailing to grab the pellets, then grabbing 1 or 2 and scurrying off with them.

Desi and New Baby Snail (Not Yet Named)
Drax doesn't seem to bother Desi at all... he seriously is the most Chill fish ever. Yet he's not ignoring her, he hovers around them (Meaning the Ghostshrimp as well) but really doesn't attack sometimes shoves them every now and then but nobody gets hurt or injured.
*Ahems* Yeah she doesn't even close her shell up anymore when the shrimp or Drax is near like she used too. Everyones chill haha.
She must get enough to eat since I'm noticing new shell growth (Well when I got her the edge at the opening was chipped alittle and raggy, NOW thats a few centimeter's farther back and now the edge is smooth) So hooray for healthy snail...'s...

The red and purple one is dying... Desi ate the rotting bottom of it where it was anchored and now it's floating... and... sorta not gettin worse but not improving...
Hornwort: It's a FREAKING weed... been taking some part of it out every weekend. AND IT GROWS BACK!
Everything else... Fine.
Will post pictures later today...
CIAO FOR NOW! Otherwise...

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It's interesting to read up on other betta personalities by owners, particularly how they interact with other species.

I was hoping one ghost shrimp with adequate plant cover would act as a scavenger alongside my male betta in his 5 gallon home. Unlike Drax, my boy absolutely hates ghost shrimp in his 5 gallon. He stalks them and lunges at them hard. I can hear the "thump" of his face making contact with the solid object he smashed into while trying to get at the shrimp. Ended up moving the shrimp back to the 14.
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