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Question tank swap

I had two betta fish, Peanut Butter and Jelly, until recently, when Jelly passed away. I'm pretty sure he was overfed. He got very bloated and passed a short time later.

Here's my question: I want to swap tanks. Peanut Butter has a tank with a very crappy heater and a lousy filter, so I want to set up Jelly's old tank and put Peanut Butter in it. Jelly had the better heater and I'd like to get a better filter. What's the best way to clean up Jelly's tank, gravel, and plants to make a better habitat for Peanut Butter? I don't want to clean it with anything that may harm him and I want to make sure the tank is clean and ready for him before I put him in.

It's a small tank, only 2 1/2 gallons, but I live in a small apartment and that's just about all we can manage.

Also, can anybody recommend a good filter for a small tank like that? I have a Whisper mini thing, but it kind of sucks. It keeps falling off the suction cups and it clogs if you look at it too hard. I'm very unhappy with it and Peanut Butter deserves something better.

Thanks for your attention. I really relied on this site when Peanut Butter was ill last year, and you guys were very helpful.
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I would just do a complete tear down and rinse everything in warm running water...if you fear something contagious is in the tank....after the rinse let it air dry for 72h before you set it back up.....

As far as the filter-I don't use filters on tanks smaller than 20gal.....(live plants are my filtration system).....I do have a couple of the small tetras filters and I use the spray hose on my sink to blow out the crud on the filter screen itself when they slow down....(I have well water so I don't have to worry about chlorine etc..... killing good bacteria)
The filter media-needs a rinse/swish in old tank water a couple of time a month and when the water flow slow to maintain good water flow

A better filter for small tanks IMO are the sponge filters that run off air pumps.
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