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Talking Idea!

So, I was thinking last night about bettas and when they're sick how they need more fresh water and with fry needing regular water changes and came up with an idea. It's not a laziness thing, but yesterday I twisted my ankle and doing water changes right now is super painful. So... The idea!

What if you took 4 pieces of airline tubing and 2 4 gallon containers and some of those control valve things, took 2 pieces of tubing and attatched them together with the valves, do the same with the other 2 pieces. Fill one of the 4 gallon containers and set it up somewhere higher than the betta tank, set the empty one somewhere below the betta tank(empty). Start a siphon going with one of the tubing set ups from the big container to the tank with it just dripping(make sure the 4 gallon is medicated and such) and set up the other tubing siphoning from the tank into the empty container at just a dribble. Constant water change without massive current to stress the betta, for fry, you could put a sponge or a netting over the end of the tubing siphoning from their tank so they don't go exploring.

Has anyone tried this kind of set up? Can anyone think of pros or cons for it? What do you guys think of this idea for short term water changing? I know that with my ankle being all messed up, it would be awesome for me. This could also probably be used for multiple betta tanks, the only thing is that you'd have to keep the tubing just below water level so that if the top tank empties out, you don't siphon more than an inch of water from the betta tank.

What do you guys think?
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