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Planting a tank?

I don't have my bettas yet but will in a couple weeks. And I've heard people raving over how great live plants work in their tanks. Currently I have a 20 gallon with gravel that I want to try (tropical) and I'm wondering how to get started? I would like to attempt on this one before I try on my future betta's tank. The guy at the pet store said just purchase and bury the roots and I'll be good to go... Is it REALLY that simple?

Thank you!
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Start with something easy such as anubias and java ferns. These plants require very little care. Just give them light and they will be fine. No ferts or anything fancy needed. However, these plants are slow growers and wont give you the advantage of improving your water quality (not by a whole lot). If you want fast growing plants that will suck up ammonia and nitrates like there is no tommorrow then check out Hornwort, and Anacharis. Always do your research before you buy. Be wary of what you see at the petstore. Many stores sell TERRESTRIAL plants as aquatic. These plants will quickly die and rot in your tank. I saw peace lily's the other day (a common houseplant) sold at my petco
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