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looking for live plants

Hey there,

You probably get this question a lot but I want to get some live plants in my tank. I have a 3 gallon eclipse tank, heated and filtered. I have one betta and three ghost shrimp. In the past I've had a "betta bulb" plant, no idea what it really was, and some hornwort. They have both died. I generally keep the light on about 7 hours a day, due to my work schedule. I'm not sure why I haven't had a lot of luck with the plants.

What live plants can I put in my tank that would be ok with that amount of light exposure?
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It may be the light you're using isn't too good for live plants. I too have had hornwort die in my tank though...

I like my anubias they are pretty hardy little plants and my betta likes to rest on the wide leaves.Anacharis is a pretty good hardy plant as well and marimo moss balls are good for low light tanks.
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Anubias may survive in your tank, their pretty hardy and there are loads of different types. There's also java fern, some say its a low light plant others say its medium however, from my experience I have had success with both :)
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Make sure your bulb is right :D I have all three of the recommended, and I keep the light on maybe an hour a day (I know- but its sooo bright!) and the anarchis grows like a weed (sucks up ammonia too!), the fern just the annubias, when allowed to float, makes a wonderful bed for a betta to chill out in when tipped leaves down.

The bulbs tend not to work well/are often moldy... ew! Whatever your choice is, make sure its FULLY aquatic. Often times, in chain stores, even when marked "fully", theyre not. Do a bit of research into the ones you can care for an keep an eye out for those :D
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