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Old 03-24-2011, 09:58 PM   #11 
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My bettas love the frozen glassworms (mosquito larvae). I think both Petsmart and Petco sell them. I slice off a little bit of the cube for each betta and put the rest of the cube back in the freezer.
I love how your betta colored up. He looks amazing.
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If you want to feed them frozen full time, then that's great and very healthy for them! But if it's not something you want to do/can commit to for every single feeding, I would keep trying pellets. If you start out feeding them frozen, they'll get spoiled and never want to go to pellets! So like I said, if you're interested in long-term frozen feeding that's awesome (they'll love it!), but if you want to get them to eat pellets eventually, you may not want to introduce frozen until you've actually got them eating the pellets.

It's pretty common for new bettas to have little interest in food; they'll get hungry enough to eat eventually. If you do want to feed pellets, you could try a couple different brands, some may have more pallatability for the fish.

Your female is so cute. And I've already said it before, but your male is stunning!
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Old 03-25-2011, 12:54 AM   #13 
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I got my betta from Petco and she didn't eat for 14 days! I started her off with a tiny bit of pea which she ate, then garlic soaked topfin pellets that i would kinda cut into tiny pieces she began eating those and then the following day i just popped a regular unsoaked pellet and she gobbled it up and has eaten ever since..I know at my local Petco they feed the bettas wardley betta pellets...
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Old 03-25-2011, 10:29 AM   #14 
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You can try soaking the pellets in garlic juice. I've heard it can help make pellets more interesting for picky eaters. I had to buy smaller pellets for my guy because the Tetramin ones were too big for his mouth. I purchased Aqueon micro pellets and he gobbles them right up. After he was on those for a little over a week, I switched to feeding him pellets in the am and frozen bloodworms in the pm. Good luck! I'm sure they will come around as soon as they get hungry enough.
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Thanks, everyone. I'm sure i can get these two figured out. I have probably just forgotten alot over the last 15 years.

I'll pick up something frozen tomorrow, either brine shrimp, blood worms, or glass worms and give that a shot. Once they're eating, I'll try to trick them into eating a pellet here and there.
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Old 03-25-2011, 06:08 PM   #16 
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Well, here it is just 24 hours after my initial post, and both Rowdy and Imogene are eating the BettaMin. Rowdy will go after it on the surface and gets aggressive with the shrimp pieces. Imogene will sit right under those flakes staring until they start to sink, then she's on 'em. I am still going to get some frozen food tomorrow, but at least they're both eating.
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That's good! I'm glad to hear it.
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