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Is my fish sick?

I am a new betta owner and new to this forum. My guy's name is king fishy. I have him in a 10 gal with two fake plants, gravel and a castle (like i said, he's the king). he's got a heater and a filter. no air pump. is one needed? i use tap water, but i used aquasafe. i haven't changed his water yet. he hasn't been in there a week. his water looks crystal clear, though it was cloudy when king was in there for the first day or two. i feed him once a day with bettamin tropical medley. i also had two bettabulbs in there, but they started getting moldy and i took them out.

now, i have him in my office. left for the weekend and he wasn't fed. i read that they can go a little bit without food and it's no big deal. please correct me if i am misinformed.

i come into the office, feed him a teeny bit of food. he does swim around, but i found him earlier down on the gravel, in the corner of the tank and kind of laying on his side. i reasearched and i read it could be swimmer's bladder. however, he doesn't float, he's not bloated and he didn't stay in that spot for too long. i have noticed a little strangeness in his behavior. he is currently sitting in his favorite plant, not moving. he looks almost like he is stuck there. before he moved there, he swam around a bit, but spent most of his time on the gravel underneath his favorite plant. he's been kind of a shy fish since i got him, but i just want to make sure he's not sick or i'm some how killing him. last week he was swimming around more than laying around. though, he does dart into his castle when some people come into my office. i think he is scared of people other than me, the office manager and my secretary.

PLEASE HELP!!!! have i done something wrong? can i save him? is he dying?
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This would be answered quicker in the betta diseases section of the forum. ;) Dont forget to fill out the sticky in that section in your post too!
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The bulbs might have grown some sort of bacteria or fungus and it may be in the water. I would probably try doing a water change and see if that helps. Keep a close eye on him. Make sure he is not growing any fuzz or cotton looking stuff.If he does I woul start up on a little bit of aquarium salt. Hope he feels better soon!
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