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The best way to have a clean tank, Something you dont have to scrub all the time. Is to follow some basic guide lines..

1) Have your lights on a timer. 8-11 hours of light is fine. Anymore and you get algae blooms..
2)Cycle the aquarium. You can do this with a fish or without. Doing it with a fish gives you a stronger bacteria. You can use your betta fish or a cheap gold fish.. I have cycled all my tanks with fish..
3)Make weekly water changes.. Every week they say you should do a 20% water change. To much water taken out puts a stress on your good bacteria. Not enough and you get build up of nitrates... etc...
4)Have a fish for every part of the aquarium. I know its only a 5 gallon.
but they have cory catfish that will get any left over food. They only get 2 inches usally, Mine havent got over 2 and its been 1.5 years in a 29 gallon.. Anyway get you a small pleco, Something like a chinnese pleco they are very small. Dont get fish that get so big they cant turn around in the aquarium. You can go over the rule of thumb a little, The 1 inch of fish per gallon. If you had a small pleco, 1 betta and a 2 cory's. That 5 gallon would run itself pretty much...
Also make sure to replace filter cartridges...
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Everybody has different experiences and opinions on water changes. Once the tank is cycled, I do 25% water changes a week as per . As mentioned, plants are a help to the water. I currently have 1 Java Fern. Its my first attempt at a plant but it hasn't died yet. I also agree on the importance of water tests, better safe than sorry. As mentioned, the liquid tests are much more reliable than the strips are. Good luck!
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